Citizen Action


Simulcast #12: Facebook Live with your questions and comments on Trump and protesters in Utica NY; Chris and Andrew Cuomo against America; Antifa; and more

Speaking directly with the public, talking about what matters to you, in this simulcast we covered the Cuomo’s – Chris justifying violence of Antifa and Andrew bashing America. But we also talk about Utica and protesters. Not to be left out we discuss PLOT (Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow) and the far left. Not bad for the unofficial 100th episode.

Devin Nunes and Claudia Tenney

Exclusive: The good, bad, and facts of the Nunes/Tenney fundraiser and protest

In depth review of the 4+ hour event with protesters and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and NY-22 Rep. Claudia Tenney. Because major news media coverage of 2 minutes to 28 seconds is not enough to inform voters.

Result of Antifa

Q & A simulcast #9 via Facebook Live: Social Justice warrior for Sheriff, Antifa targeting Binghamton, and abolishing ICE – the law that Dems won’t agree to

In this Facebook Live simulcast, we talk with the public about the impact of Matt Ryan running for Broome County Sheriff on the local community. We also discuss the potential of Antifa invading Broome County, and the riots they have caused across the country, and the upcoming even with Devin Nunes – House Intelligence Chairman and Claudia Tenney of the NY-22. Plus public response to the news that Democrats will vote against their own abolish ICE Bill (HR 6361). Once again the public speaks out on the issues of the day.

Antifa potentially to come to Southern Tier NY

Facebook Commentary: Reject Antifa in Southern Tier and New York State

Does anyone want Binghamton, NY to become Berkely, CA, circa 2017? Then leaders of NY Dem Party should publicly denounce Antifa and demand they stay out of the Southern Tier on July 15, 2018 and at any point in the future. We can only hope they are bold enough to speak up now (and potentially prevent violence by Antifa) rather than potentially after negative actions have harmed the public.

Matt Ryan, former Mayor of Binghamton

Is Matt Ryan seeking to infect law enforcement with Social Justice?

Matt Ryan, the well known Far Left activist and former Mayor of Binghamton, NY, announced the surprising news that he seeks to run for Broome County Sheriff on a platform focused on Social Justice apparently. We address it in this episode of NO Soundbites Allowed podcast.

The agenda of destroying the Constitution

The impact of slaying the dragon of Constitutional Rights

What is the consequence of handing Rights to a Government? Has that been considered in the recent move by minors, “guided” by unknown political action organizations and the Far Left (Citizen Action in Broome County as an example), to relinquish their Rights? We address this in this recent NO Soundbites podcast. Feel free to comment and share.

Facebook commentary: Anthony Brindisi character in question in $300 million Utica Hospital scandal

This all matters because the NY-22 and nation deserve transparent elected officials that actually represent the people and their best interests. This Utica Hospital scandal highlights that Anthony Brindisi won’t do these things as an Assemblyman, so imagine if he gained the power of Congress?

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