Chief Justice Roberts

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The battle for the term gay marriage and SCOTUS

The question should not be whether 9 Justices of the Supreme Court believe or not if same-sex and/or gay marriage is a right or privilege or State issue. Judicial activism is a danger to the Rights and freedoms of this nation, and while some may cheer this singular decision, that same activism may well return in a later decision to enact a wrath upon those same citizens and the nation far worse than currently envisioned.

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Government shutdown over Obamacare – is it worth it? – repost 10/1/13

IF, and only if, Republicans have taken this hard stance to represent the public and protect the freedoms they swore an oath to defend, then the Government shutdown is worth it. Anything less is just political grandstanding, and an attempt to ward off election challenges from the Right and the Left.

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