Red Flag laws assault freedom

Red Flag legislation: A comprehensive review for NY and nation – part 2

The second in a series of articles – all part of a presentation on Red Flag or ERPO or Extreme Risk Protection Orders pending in New York State or active in other States. Sources used for this series of Articles can be found in the final part of the series. News media are encouraged to use this as a guide on this legislative issue. This portion of the speech/presentation delves into what is Due Process, what are mass shootings and how common are they, and a perspective on how this is presented to the public.

Deep analysis of what exactly the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 (HR 5087) will do

The majority of Americans accept that a headline, meme, short title, or a summary description by one or more political commentators is all that is needed to understand a Bill or Law in our country. This is almost never accurate. Factually, increases in the number of gun restriction legislations have done nothing to improve the safety of residents of States with the most extreme laws. The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, HR 5087, Would perhaps exponentially assure the reduction in freedom of all American citizens.

Result of gun free zones and gun restriction legislation

A deep look at mass shootings and gun control facts

The logic is therefore, if a firearm looks menacing it should be banned to enhance public safety. Given these actions, addressing the look of a firearm and mere possession as well as the broadest classifications of firearms and documentation of ownership, has the public become safer? No. Empirically, the only answer is no.

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Transcript: The Second Amendment in Norwich NY by Michael Vasquez

Excerpt from Michael Vasquez speech – “Government, especially the American government, is best when it does the least… I am often asked, ‘what is more powerful than a gun?’ The answer should not surprise anyone. It’s an American citizen armed with the Constitution and cloaked in the power of our vote.”

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