Central New York

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Michael Vasquez speech on 2014 run for Congress – Binghamton, NY – repost 11/18/13

I am a hard-working American home owner, who like the overwhelming majority believes that Congress is ineffective today not because of the laws in place, but the lack of conviction of many of those that have come to be elected. I am running for office, not because I desire the position, but because there is a need for a Representative that is connected to the reality average Americans face every day.

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Mayor Matt Ryan Interviewed by Michael Vass

M V Consulting, Inc. released an interview with Binghamton, New York Mayor Matt Ryan and Company President Michael Vass. Mr. Vass, a resident of Binghamton, was among the first of the news media to be present at the Civic Center in April of this year, where a mentally impaired man shot and killed multiple innocent people without warning or provocation. Mr. Vass stated. “It may not be the big headline, or ratings grab, but I feel that especially in the wake of such events the nation and the world should be reminded that it is those good people that should be the mark of any place.”

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