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Hillary Clinton revisions shovel-ready jobs as campaign pitch

At the core of the Democrat Party, the President and the Democrat nominees, appear to have a view that Government is the primary source for jobs. The problem is doubling down on the very same neo-Keynesian policies that don’t work in the real world but fulfill the belief that Government is the answer to the issues facing the nation.

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What does the proposed increase in minimum wage really mean to New Yorkers?

A small portion of New Yorkers will be paid more. Some people will be without work as companies try to comply or leave the State. Most companies will endure, and the majority of New Yorkers will see no difference in their paychecks. A real fear will be how many companies will exit the least business friendly State once minimum wage increases, and as a result how many New Yorkers will leave to get jobs – at whatever pay scale – that are no longer available here.

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A123 Systems saves taxpayers $119 million thanks to Obama Administration

Like Solyndra, Beacon Power, and the Chevy Volt, the Obama Administration has once again proven that government lacks the ability to predict winners and losers in any industry. Once again taxpayer funds have been applied, and lost, in an attempt to fulfill a dream of “green” energy that does not exist. Yet again the national debt has been added to, not reduced, without a benefit to show for it.

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The Reid Plan, or how to lose and call it a win

In other words, in the world of real people budgets, if you don’t spend $3000 on a new set of golf clubs – that you can’t afford to buy – you just increased your wealth by $3000. Therefore you now have extra money to buy a $1500 new flat screen television – which you still can’t afford. Try that on the wife (or wives, try a similar example on yur husbands) and see what happens. See if it will work with your credit card company too.

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