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Is 3.8% unemployment rate real?

We often reviewed the unemployment rate during the Obama Administration. At that time we found fault with the cheerful headlines in major media, based on a review of additional underlying data. Using those same criteria we look at the current unemployment rate, and try to determine if the health of the nation matches the headline celebrations.

The Last Jedi

Does the Disney Star Wars: The Last Jedi reflect current politics in creating division?

There is no intrinsic benefit because you check the box. What is intrinsically true is that because you are being categorized you are being minimalized. You’re being diminished, because you are no more important than the box that you fill. That’s an important thing to keep in mind.

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Unemployment rate improves, but economic outlook far less rosy in reality

While there number of unemployed has been reduced by 4.3 million since 2012, there are 4.6 million more Americans unemployed since 2008. The nation is starting to get on its economic feet. But the bows being taken by many politicians are misguided, as it is the lack of their short-term headline grabbing promises and actions that has been the real benefit to the nation.

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The economy didn’t just shrink, it’s falling off a cliff long-term

How could the economy fall off a cliff so steeply in the 1st Quarter of 2014? A steep decline in health care spending, lower participation rate and decreased self-employment equate to a long-term increase in taxes and massively more debt spending. Ultimately the middle class will be the most hurt by this outcome.

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2 + 2 = 7.8% unemployment

So does this mean that if you used up your 99 weeks of unemployment you will be able to get a job this month? No more likely than last month. If you are a college student that graduated, will you get a job now? See the first answer. If you are Black (13.4%) or Hispanic (9.9%) be happy you are not a teenager (23% unemployment rate according to BLS). Considering how murky all the other unemployment figures are, its doubtful that reality lies in these numbers either.

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