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Commentary: Kim Myers response to challenging questions

With barely 90 days left in the congressional race, voters in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier have little time to learn more about Kim Myers besides the fact she is a member of the Democrat Party. Thus far, Myers herself has been resistant to allow the public to gain greater insight.

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What do we know now about Legislator Kim Myers?

Perhaps the biggest question is, what conversation about gun control and the 2nd Amendment has America not yet had? If Kim Myers has anew position that has never been addressed before – or a compromise that has not been previously suggested – America is sure to be interested in what that is.

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Michael Vasquez announces decision on the NY 22nd Congressional District race of 2016

Mr. Vasquez clarified that the reasons why he ran in 2014 have not changed 2 years later. He discussed the multiple attacks Rep. Hanna has made on the Republican Party, and the embarrassment he has placed upon the people of the NY-22. Thus far, Rep. Richard Hanna has made no comment. Democrats continue to have no candidate, and last offered Dan Lamb as a candidate in the 2012 race.

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