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Is representing the NY-22 extreme or just right? – repost from 2/26/14

Perhaps, in the mind of a moderate who won election on a wave of conservativism, it is fringe to expect Congress to be fiscally responsible. The public is the voting group that has seen the least connection with Congress. They are the ones who suffer from the mishandled website launches and canceled policies, and the abuses from Government agencies that are invading the privacy of the average American – which could have been addressed by legislation that many more moderate members of Congress chose not to support.

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Video – Utica speech and Q&A – Michael Vasquez bid for Congress 2014 – repost 11/18/13

Repost from November 18, 2013 The following is the unedited speech, recorded on November 18, 2013 behind the Oneida County Courthouse. It is followed by the questions and answers with WKTV News on that same…

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