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Claudia Tenney speaks at Southern Tier Tea Party event in downtown Binghamton NY

The guest speaker at the event, Congresswoman Tenney, spoke for more than the 2 hours planned for the event. A full range of topics were covered including: North Korea, healthcare, tax reform, bipartisanship, President Trumps obsession with Twitter, gun control, Puerto Rico aide, & more in a series of questions written and submitted by attendees at the event.

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The burger flipping capital of America may not be what it seems

There is no free lunch or policy without impact. Politics of the soundbite, the tried and true gimmick of politicians, is a powerful tool to ensure (re-)election and party loyalty. But, ultimately, long-term, the inescapable reality is that government doesn’t create jobs, it can’t legislate people out of poverty, and the louder the cheers the more the public should pay attention to the details.

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