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Unanswered questions about blight in Binghamton and silence from Office of the Mayor

Over all we are not saying that the demolition of blight buildings is bad. In fact we cheer this action. But, at the same time we must ask why the Office of the Mayor would retract an interview agreed to by Mayor David directly? What have we asked that the elected official does not want the public to know? **Update to original article included**

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Department of Housing and Urban Development updates response to M V Consulting

Our reprint at “Unanswered questions about blight in Binghamton and silence from Office of the Mayor” also includes a notation that our contact at HUD, Shantae Goodloe of Public Affairs, has provided a more detailed response to our initial questions after the article was published. These are the updated answers as of 8/8/14

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Details about 5 new businesses coming to Binghamton, NY you may not know

Five companies, in fields as diverse as WiFi to energy storage, will be starting up in Binghamton University and creating jobs, 80 jobs total. Governor Cuomo called it a “game-changing move” in regard to NY State’s business climate. There are 7,100 people that are counted as unemployed in Binghamton though that does not count all unemployed. Do you think this is a “game-changing move”?

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NY casino odds of success look like a longshot

Exactly how are cities like Binghamton, NY expected to grow when casinos are added to the economic mix, when far more successfully marketed cities are failing with the formula being adopted? It may not help residents, or businesses, yet it is sure to enable enough additional spending to guarantee NY maintains the bluest, least business friendly, severely in-debt status that the State has come to be known for.

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