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Devin Nunes and Claudia Tenney

Exclusive: The good, bad, and facts of the Nunes/Tenney fundraiser and protest

In depth review of the 4+ hour event with protesters and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and NY-22 Rep. Claudia Tenney. Because major news media coverage of 2 minutes to 28 seconds is not enough to inform voters.

M V Consulting president Michael Vasquez with NY-22 Representative Chris Collins in Binghamton NY

NY-27 Rep. Chris Collins comes to Binghamton, NY to celebrate Claudia Tenney and local Republicans

Rep. Chris Collins – “So for NY-22 to have their best representation, while people may not like to hear how politics plays out they need a Republican who sits in the majority. Who’s in the room when decisions are being made. Who can step forward, if there is anything relative to the NY-22, that’s of a concern and have the ear of the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader and all the Committee Chairmen.”

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Did George Phillips campaign violate federal election regulations?

Secrecy in raising funds, a hidden website, possible foreign national connections, a lack of a political platform, and a refusal to discuss the political positions of candidate Phillips to multiple press questions over several days seems to outweigh the jovial ‘local man running’ aesthetic that the campaign is seeking to promote.

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The mailings and websites of the NY 52nd State Senate candidates

We received mailings from both candidates in the 2015 NY 52nd State Senate special election, and reviewed those mailings as compared to their campaign websites. It is not the purpose of this article to take a side in the race. The point is to highlight what the candidates must discuss and the public should learn more about.

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Astorino campaign representative speaks with Vestal, NY residents

We had the opportunity to ask where Mr. Astorino stands on the controversial NY START-UP, we asked what was the alternative that Mr. Astorino has to this and similar programs? Mr. Astorino opposes Government picking and choosing which private business to support or not. Mr. Astorino seeks to lower corporate and personal taxes as a means to spur business growth.

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