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2013: a year of forgetable triumphs and memorable failures – 12/25/13

At every turn the public has been failed. From the Executive Branch and the Legislative. From politicians at various levels. From mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility. From abuse and overreach of powers. From limits and restrictions of freedom.

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Benghazi then and now – no answers, no accountability – 12/10/13

Repost from December 10, 2013 There are issues that face our nation that demand answers. Issues that affect our nation in its ability to conduct effective diplomatic actions, as well as reflect our nations willingness…

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Timeliness is everything in a Senator

We honestly are not upset that Senator Gillibrand provided such a disrespectful response. We are upset that Sen. Gillibrand has such a lack of concern about constituents, apparently especially those who voice concern about matters of grave importance to the nation, that any half-hearted response is considered appropriate.

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