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Words are power, but wielded to what purpose?

Why not call a drug dealer a herbal distributor? Because of the crime committed and the consequence of that crime. Illegal immigrants have committed a crime and need to be described as such. If politicians want to change the law they should do so without subversive tactics and obfuscation – and the blessing of constituents on the reality of their proposed legislation not the media picking a side.

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So how much does it cost for President Obama to golf?

Why wouldn’t President Obama give up his golf outings and crow about the saving to taxpayers? Or is the chance to play with Tiger Woods to good to give up for school kids visiting an iconic embodiment of our Government? Or is President Obama fearful of the backlash that will come when the public learns exactly what 115 rounds of golf costs taxpayers during a recession where 22.3 million are unemployed?

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