Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

Red Flag laws assault freedom

Loss of Due Process to Red Flag legislation may become national law soon

How can such a hierarchy of all encompassing government control and all encompassing individual freedom co-exist in legislation a handful of people designed and even fewer comprehend enough to accurately describe? Such is the consequence of legislation almost none in the news media, and even less in the general public, know about.


Responding to Letter to Editor demanding political segregation

A Letter to the Editor submitted to the Press & Sun, that at this moment appears to be denied the public via that newspaper. But we are not limited to the whims of the editorial staff in allowing the public to know there are other voices that include them rather than exclude.

In his own words: Candidate Anthony Brindisi threatens constituents for asking questions

“I can’t stress enough, this is not a scare thing, but it’s very clear if this thing [Utica Hospital] doesn’t move forward, this money is not going to sit out there forever… There’s no set timetable in the law that says if you don’t execute by this date then we pull the money back… there’s nothing set in stone on what that point is.” – Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

Masterful manipulation: Anthony Brindisi and the Democrat threat to shutdown Government

Candidate Anthony Brindisi reiterates the threat of shutting down the Government – with a promise to harm the elderly, veterans and our military – unless criminals are rewarded like he wants. This is the pitch to gain votes. Not very attractive when you strip away the emotional shield and evaluate exactly what he said

Facebook commentary: Anthony Brindisi character in question in $300 million Utica Hospital scandal

This all matters because the NY-22 and nation deserve transparent elected officials that actually represent the people and their best interests. This Utica Hospital scandal highlights that Anthony Brindisi won’t do these things as an Assemblyman, so imagine if he gained the power of Congress?

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