assault weapons

Result of gun free zones and gun restriction legislation

A deep look at mass shootings and gun control facts

The logic is therefore, if a firearm looks menacing it should be banned to enhance public safety. Given these actions, addressing the look of a firearm and mere possession as well as the broadest classifications of firearms and documentation of ownership, has the public become safer? No. Empirically, the only answer is no.

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Gun restriction legislation – does it really help?

Guns do not kill, people do. Long before the invention of guns people were killed by swords, spears, daggers, sticks and stones as well as by unarmed individuals. Action predicated by emotion usually results in legislation that is inefficient and delusional. The effort is not in creating an effective change but a change that will make the public feel better about a situation. Ultimately, enacting gun restriction legislation does one thing – creation of a delusion of safety.

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