Anthony Brindisi

Crouch vs Libous begins battle; EXCLUSIVE audio and review of Anthony Brindisi in Binghamton NY

There is no better and clear example of how some politicians dodge their constituents, and evade being accountable, than listening to their words in detail. We review some questions and answers at Anthony Brindisi event in Binghamton NY. Please listen and share so all politicians know we are holding them accountable.

UK Socialized medicine could kill baby Alfie Evans

A different take on Bill Cosby, Alfie Evans, North Korea, and candidate Anthony Brindisi in Norwich NY

Government accountant deciding to kill a baby? Ridicule, hate, and maybe jail for being Black and off the Liberal reservation? Donald Trump getting Nobel Peace Prize? Congressional candidate Brindisi denying publicity? Oh it has been one hell of a week for this No Soundbites Allowed podcast episode.

Colorado 'iPrisoner' program 2017

In response to reader comment, analysis of Cuomo’s iPrisoner give-away

The issues surrounding the electronic tablet – or ‘iPrisoner’ as I call it – program, as asked a reader in relation to Anthony Brindisi, is more encompassing than most might think. And yet it leaves the question, why aren’t they being provided to our students in disadvantaged school districts?

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