Anthony Brindisi

Early 2020 Dem hopefuls

How does Kavanaugh v. Ford predict the 2020 Presidential race? Our prediction

We see a pattern, a plan for the 2020 presidential race emerging from the Kavanaugh v. Ford controversy. No matter the 2018 mid-term election outcome. We cite the partisan platform. We predict who will be the front-runners and who is out as the presidential and vice-presidential nominees, and why. Are we correct? If correct, how will it affect your vote? Comments welcomed.

Repressed speech

Saturday simulcast with public via Facebook Live: Censorship, planes, and compelled speech

The 15th time we go direct to the public to speak about the issues that affect us all – in this live simulcast we talk about expression of free speech and the compelled speech that is advocated via the internet. That includes commercials and the banning of commercials, corporations big and small, the impact on all voters, and the negative impact to the Left. Plus a bit about the NY Air Show that we had exclusive coverage of. Check it out and join us next week.

Sexism, racism, gubernatorial debates and polls, all in time for Labor Day

A governor race for the Left, hitting issues that negate Upstate NY and emphasize Progressive partisan issues for the 2020 Presidential election, like the sexism of the temperature on offices. And the latest polling data for one of the most closely watched congressional races in the nation, the NY-22. Something to listen to over the Labor Day holiday.

Anti-Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Red Flag legislation: A comprehensive review for NY and nation – part 4

The second in a series of articles – all part of a presentation on Red Flag or ERPO or Extreme Risk Protection Orders pending in New York State or active in other States. Sources used for this series of Articles can be found in the final part of the series. News media are encouraged to use this as a guide on this legislative issue. This part covers comments from several NY Assembly members.

Michael Vass covering President Trump as part of White House Press Pool

Review of our firsthand coverage of President Trump visit to Utica NY, and aftermath; Discussing the N-word via Omarosa and beyond; The Cuomo’s don’t like America

First-hand reaction to President Trump in Utica, NY and the protester that opposed it, as well as the reaction in media to talk about it. The bigger question and confusion about the N-word – who can use it, when and where, and why is it acceptable. Plus the shocking approval of violence to silence free speech as well as the hate of America from the Cuomo brothers. A lot to discuss in this NO Soundbites Allowed podcast.

Facebook Commentary: One reason why Far Left promotes feelings and not facts – Medicare for All

The truth that Far Left candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Anthony Brindisi won’t speak about as they make emotional appeals for votes in 2018 elections. The reality is simple “…the study estimated that doubling all federal individual and corporate income taxes would not fully cover the additional costs.” – CBS News

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