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Hillary Clinton revisions shovel-ready jobs as campaign pitch

At the core of the Democrat Party, the President and the Democrat nominees, appear to have a view that Government is the primary source for jobs. The problem is doubling down on the very same neo-Keynesian policies that don’t work in the real world but fulfill the belief that Government is the answer to the issues facing the nation.

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But the headline said it was good news

The reality, separate of any headline, is that more people working less, placing a burden on taxpayers even as politicians dance around the facts to retain supporters. Positive headlines and well edited speeches by politicians don’t create jobs nor improve the quality of life in America. But if all you read is the headlines then it really is good news… for politicians.

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5.3% unemployment for those that count

Looked at from a total perspective , the national debt stands at $18.29 trillion, roughly 16 million people are out of work (according to U-6), the median income has increased $337 since 2000, and over 155 million people are receiving some form of Government aid. Fewer people are working, and the number not counted in unemployment figures continues to increase. The headline says things are improving, but the reality says the average American wont see it.

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Two tales of one American economy

Within the Obama Administration there are two distinct and apparently opposing views about the economy and middle class. Logic dictates that only one of these views is correct. Americans, especially the middle class, are not doing better in an appreciable way. While President Obama is accurate in a pinpoint view of the economy, Vice President Biden is far more accurate in the broad view of the middle class.

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The economy didn’t just shrink, it’s falling off a cliff long-term

How could the economy fall off a cliff so steeply in the 1st Quarter of 2014? A steep decline in health care spending, lower participation rate and decreased self-employment equate to a long-term increase in taxes and massively more debt spending. Ultimately the middle class will be the most hurt by this outcome.

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