2014 mid-term elections

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Op-Ed: The unspoken price of silence

When 9 out of 10 people don’t vote, politicians hear that they don’t care how much they pay in property/school/city/State taxes. That they don’t care if there is corruption on-going. That they don’t care if political spies are being hired or if laws are being passed that restrict our rights. That’s what not voting shouts.

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The biggest loser in 2014 could be… You

Simply put, if the public just sits back and wallows in apathy, incumbents will overwhelmingly be re-elected. The status quo will remain unchanged. There will be another 2 years of more of the same, until the 2016 presidential elections roll around. If that is the case then the nation as a whole loses.

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Is representing the NY-22 extreme or just right? – repost from 2/26/14

Perhaps, in the mind of a moderate who won election on a wave of conservativism, it is fringe to expect Congress to be fiscally responsible. The public is the voting group that has seen the least connection with Congress. They are the ones who suffer from the mishandled website launches and canceled policies, and the abuses from Government agencies that are invading the privacy of the average American – which could have been addressed by legislation that many more moderate members of Congress chose not to support.

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Press release – 2/19/14 – Response to Broome County GOP endorsement – repost

I believe that the failure to even hear what concerns I and many members of the GOP and public have is a serious error on the part of Broome County. The public has a right to be presented options, and to make a choice on who can best provide the accountability and consistency that is missing in Congress today.

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Press release – 2/11/14 – Debt ceiling passed ‘clean’ – repost

Not only does this vote stall the previous slight move towards accountability and responsibility with regard to the national debt, as there is no limit to the amount of increased debt that the nation can attain with this Bill, but by is vagaries it reverses that budding trend.

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