2012 election

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Budget Control Act of 2011 – the questions for NY voters

We would like to believe that all the elected officials in New York acted with the desire for the best for constituents, AND in the manner as they were able to discern was the majority view of constituents. But in the absence of comment, with the reality of the consequences of the vote apparent, we can only ask questions and try to interpert the meaning of the votes.

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What’s really behind debt ceiling debate?

The public has instead, through all of this, been treated to distractions and finger pointing. Political oneupmanship and polispeak has been the rule. From vague and inaccurate threats from the President (Social Security checks can only NOT be sent out if he directls the Treasury against doing so), to unbending compromises from the Senate and House of Representatives, there has been a lot of jockeying for votes, but little action.

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