For 239 years, Semper Fi

To every Marine, new or old, in peace and in combat, I hope that you may have a moment of calm on this day to read this message and know that you are appreciated, loved, and never forgotten.

Our sweat, blood, and sacrifice have enriched the lives of Americans we will never know, some not even born yet. Such is the duty of a Marine. But the honor with which we live, and the dedication to our nation, our Corps, and family is what defines every Marine.

CopyBootcampWe have always been few in number, yet great in brotherhood. We have earned, and continue to earn, the respect of our allies and enemies. It is for all these reasons I am humbled to say that I am the son of a Marine and a Marine myself.

On this, our 239th birthday, I send out my birthday wish – among the tens of millions of wishes from across America and those of the hundreds of millions of lives touched by Marines over the decades across the world – for every Marine to receive the strength, support, and camaraderie to achieve whatever goal is before them on this, and every, day.

Semper Fidelis devil dogs!


Michael “Vass” Vasquez

A birthday message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General J. F. Dunford, Jr.

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