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Police in Broome County

Ranting against fearmongering of police in Binghamton and nation

The difficult question of police use of force is a common theme facing the nation. But is it fair to judge any local police force based on the social media emotion of a largely isolated event thousands of miles away? Especially when facts are not known – facts that often refute the politically motivated messaging of some political organizations? What benefit does such judgement provide to local communities – if any? What is the impact to those that disagree with the political-based messaging? We discuss it all in this episode of NO Soundbites Allowed podcast, please comment and share.

The agenda of destroying the Constitution

The impact of slaying the dragon of Constitutional Rights

What is the consequence of handing Rights to a Government? Has that been considered in the recent move by minors, “guided” by unknown political action organizations and the Far Left (Citizen Action in Broome County as an example), to relinquish their Rights? We address this in this recent NO Soundbites podcast. Feel free to comment and share.

As reported by KSTP

Ever wonder who is behind March For Our Lives, or which State just broke the law with an illegal first?

As reports are quietly coming out showing that participation was mandatory and refusal was punished, the serious question of who is behind the political weaponization of children for political gain must be asked. Who owns the 501(c)4 that is MarchForOurLives? We reveal what we could find among other top news stories that demand more than 30 second soundbites and memes.

Sen. Gillibrand

Revealed: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand business sleight of hand, potential attack on Va. woman’s 2nd Amend rights, Social Media censorship coming for you too

In this episode we cover what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand omitted when she talked about helping small business – how Democrats plan to hurt businesses. We continue the podcast discussing how the 2nd Amendment is being compromised – with HR 5087 and allegedly in a news story sweeping the nation. Finally we address the impact of censorship in Social Media, not just in theory but in fact with the example of Mert Melfa. It’s a lot of information that you can’t get in 30 seconds.

Are 18 – 21 yr olds mature enough to be gun owning adults? The latest twist on gun restrictions.

The majority of Americans accept that a headline, meme, short title, or a summary description by one or more political commentators is all that is needed to understand a Bill or Law in our country. This is almost never accurate. Factually, increases in the number of gun restriction legislations have done nothing to improve the safety of residents of States with the most extreme laws. The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, HR 5087, Would perhaps exponentially assure the reduction in freedom of all American citizens.

In his own words: Candidate Anthony Brindisi threatens constituents for asking questions

“I can’t stress enough, this is not a scare thing, but it’s very clear if this thing [Utica Hospital] doesn’t move forward, this money is not going to sit out there forever… There’s no set timetable in the law that says if you don’t execute by this date then we pull the money back… there’s nothing set in stone on what that point is.” – Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

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