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Facebook Commentary: One reason why Far Left promotes feelings and not facts – Medicare for All

The truth that Far Left candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Anthony Brindisi won’t speak about as they make emotional appeals for votes in 2018 elections. The reality is simple “…the study estimated that doubling all federal individual and corporate income taxes would not fully cover the additional costs.” – CBS News

Antifa potentially to come to Southern Tier NY

Facebook Commentary: Reject Antifa in Southern Tier and New York State

Does anyone want Binghamton, NY to become Berkely, CA, circa 2017? Then leaders of NY Dem Party should publicly denounce Antifa and demand they stay out of the Southern Tier on July 15, 2018 and at any point in the future. We can only hope they are bold enough to speak up now (and potentially prevent violence by Antifa) rather than potentially after negative actions have harmed the public.

Senator Charles Schumer

What are the ramifications of “settled law”? You may be surprised

Without the substance of an actual nominee with an actual record to debate, Sen. Schumer takes to the floor of the Senate to demand adherence to “settled law”. While said passionately, the consequences of “settled law” could be devastating if it were to be applied as Schumer insists and this commentary addresses.

Potential civil war?

Q & A simulcast #8 via Facebook Live: Talking with public about cause and consequences of possible second civil war in America

A second civil war in America. Is such a thing possible? Can it be prevented? What happens if it occurs? Lend your thoughts to this issue that affects everyone.

Red Hen restaurant - site of political bias

Facebook Commentary: June 23, 2018 – Is the political bias of Red Hen fair?

While the Left may giggle with glee at this event, the rest of us should take a very long sober look at what is being offered on display – bias. They are saying, ‘If you do and think as we say you are protected, but our enemies will be villified for doing the same thing.’

Simulcast #7 – live on Facebook with the public and your questions on what matters to you

Taking real questions from real people, via Facebook Live, and discussing what matters: in this simulcast we address child separation for illegal aliens at the border. We also go into the vile actions of the Red Hen restaurant and the call to incite the public made by Maxine Waters. Do you agree with the questions from real people we spoke to? Do you wish that politicians could hear your thoughts?

Facebook Commentary: Anthony Brindisi’s trend to avoid voters and the truth

Scandals, flip-flops on positions, avoided questions, supporting Red Flag bills that destroy Due Process, and tax increases. One could imagine this be a lot for even the NY Assembly to do. But Anthony Brindisi is getting all this, and apparently more, done all by himself.

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