Elyssa Bolt: Candidate for the New York 22nd District

Elyssa Bolt - NY22 Democratic candidate 2022

May 10, 2021 – NO Soundbites Allowed – In a #SouthernTier exclusive, we spoke with Elyssa M. Bolt, She is an Oneida County resident that has stepped up to challenge Anthony Brindisi for the Democratic nomination in the #2022Congressionalrace.

We find out why #ElyssaBolt is motivated for her mid-term battle with Brindisi, and the issues she plans ton champion for Progressives, the #LGBTQ+, and gun owners.


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https://romesentinel.com/stories/area-activist-social-services-coordinator-plans-run-for-congress,114360 https://www.facebook.com/ElyssaMikaelaBolt/

https://wutqfm.com/why-elyssa-bolt-is-seeking-democratic-nomination-against-brindisi-for-ny-22-congress-seat/ https://romesentinel.com/stories/protest-of-guyer-field-incident-draws-crowd-of-about-50-people-three-taken-into-custody,104825


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