Michael Vasquez vs. Defunding police on WNBF

BLM and Far Left demand disbanding police

June 29, 2020 – Recorded from WNBF broadcast – This morning the issue of #defundingpolice was again brought up on WNBF (a local Southern Tier news talk radio show). Binghamton Councilwoman Aviva Friedman called for supporting #BLM, and #PLOT, in ‘defunding police’. She also attacked to police, without comment from the host of Binghamton Now.

I called in to address this issue – defending our police and community. I also rebuked the Councilwoman. What are your thoughts – its all of our communities being affected.

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** Full disclosure – Michael Vasquez is a 2020 candidate for the Broome County Legislature, District 13 **

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