Elderly man attacked, Councilwoman justifies it

NO Soundbites Allowed – June 9, 2020 – While there has been universal support of peaceful #GeorgeFloydProtests, not everyone supports the organization behind the protests – Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow (#PLOT). But does that justify violence? Do race based politics override the 1st Amendment?

According to Binghamton City Councilwoman #AngelaRiley, as shown in video, her political preferences are more important than her constituents apparently. Councilwoman Riley, a known supporter of PLOT after the 2019 Columbus Day Parade incident that led to several arrests, initially ignored reference to an attack of an elderly constituent. When asked by news media about the incident and her response at that time she stated,

“Well I know what I said, I just wanted him to be accountable for what he’s been doing. You can’t light the fire and run when the blaze takes over.”


Is the First Amendment null and void in the face of racial politics? Do constituents lose their Rights when elected officials disagree with that constituent? Is violence, against even the elderly, justified because of personal feelings?

These are a few of the questions facing the nation, in big cities and small towns, in the aftermath of riots and looting.


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