To be Black in Biden’s America

May 245, 2020 – NO Soundbites Allowed – This is our response to #JoeBiden and his Progressive limitations on minorities and women. In this video podcast we address the core problem of what was said to Charlemagne on #TheBreakfastClub and in the past. Because this was not the first tume.

The issue is far more widespread and encompassing than media wants the public to consider. More than just one candidate, with supporters and campaign staff racing to find an excuse that will stick. This is an ideology where questions are insubordination.


About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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