Surviving Coronavirus forced isolation

Top 12 video games over 100 hours

Like some 16 million Americans, we too have been cooped up at home for weeks. Even worse is the fact that some local governments – like in Broome County – are currently trying to convince the populace that even more is needed. How can we all avoid going stir crazy?

Well in a departure from the normal content of this site, we are suggesting our Top 12 List. These are the top videogames we have played over 100 hours on. This list existed well before the Covid-19 solitary confinement was enacted. Still it should help some cope with the excess of time on hand.

TOP 12 videogames for Coronavirus shutdown

All of the games listed were bought privately. None have asked us for advertisement. In order of hours we have spent playing each game:

Banished (600 hrs) ** – A great game. Different each time. Too many mods to name, adding to diversity and difficulty of gameplay.

Rimworld (338 hrs) ** – Another favorite. There have been several updates since first purchased. Plenty of mods and levels of difficulty.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim (327 hrs) – Not much needs to be said about this open world video game. One of the most popular games on the list. Mods galore. Deep storylines, quests, side quests. Pretty close to the definition of custom gameplay.

Kenshi (231 hrs) ** – Probably one of the lesser known videogames on the list. A true gem. This is sandbox gaming from start to finish. Buy, steal, build pillage, maybe a bunch of all of this. It’s up to you.

Elite Dangerous (219 hrs) – Space. Home to miners, pirates, fleets and whatever else you can buy and build. Good graphics, big learning curve.

Shroud of the Avatar (206 hrs) – Did you like Dungeons & Dragons? Classic old-school mmo? Well this is the game for you. Lot’s of diversity, deep depth of lore. Easy to get absorbed for hours of gameplay.

The Repopulation (182 hrs) – To be fair I haven’t played this in a long time. Early access still, but continuing to be developed. An mmo with scifi core. I need to revisit this. Probably have plenty of time now.

Stellaris (136 hrs) – Grand strategy? Check. Immense universe to get lost in? Check. Fun and engaging? Oh yes check. If you like space sims, this is at least one of the games for you.

Total War: Rome II (132 hrs) – Another old game on the list that I haven’t played in some time. That said, strategy is a must. Repercussions will happen. Large scale battles are great fun.

Avorion (124 hrs) ! – Very much the newest game on the list. Surprisingly engaging. You will be surprised how quickly you will be sucked up into the game. Very big learning curve – tutorials on Youtube are a must. Even after 100 hours (and several tries) still learning game mechanics and strategy.

Galactic Civilizations III (117 hrs) – a 4X space game. Lots of DLC and mods. Expansive universe. Challenging.

Endless Space (103 hrs) – Another 4X space game. Has its own feel and depth. Older but still fun.

** – These games are my favorites of the list

! – New game, still learning

If you have the time, and a PC that can handle some of these games, go for it. Each one on the list should provide no less than as much entertainment as a movie in the theater for a bit less than the same cost. Several will certainly exceed that!

Cost vs Entertainment

Total cost of games on this list (over several years) – $370
Total time played – 2715 hours or 113.13 days or 905 movies (@ 3 hours long)

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