Operation Crush Covid: A step too far?

Operation Crush Covid

April 8, 2020 – NO Soundbites Allowed – In Broome County New York, Executive Jason Garnar announced extreme steps to ensure the safety of the public. #OperationCrushCovid requires people to remain home on even or odd days – depending on your year of birth. An effort to limit contracting Coronavirus, and protect the most at-risk.

Is this effectively solitary confinement? Is this Government overreaching its power? In a County with 6 deaths out of a population of 193,000, a 99.999% survivability rate, will this extreme action help or hurt the community? Should other Counties in New York, and States around the nation, follow this example to protect the public?


https://wbng.com/2020/04/08/operation-crush-covid-broome-county-launches-plan-to-further-slow-spread-of-pandemic/ http://broomecounty.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/d2a67392169942f8a2782c7d49d61c48 https://covid19tracker.health.ny.gov/views/NYS-COVID19-Tracker/NYSDOHCOVID-19Tracker-Fatalities?%3Aembed=yes&%3Atoolbar=no&%3Atabs=n#/views/NYS%2dCOVID19%2dTracker/NYSDOHCOVID%2d19Tracker%2dMap?%253Aembed=yes&%253Atoolbar=no

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