1 on 1 with candidate Steve Cornwell; proof of US Women’s Soccer disrespect flag

NY-22 candidate Steve Cornwell from Broome County

July 9, 2019 – NO Soundbites Allowed – We spend this episode covering hot current topics. Starting with the growing controversy over members of the US Women’s Soccer team dragging, and stepping, on the US flag. It’s an outrage, and we found the video showing exactly what was done.

We move on to voter nullification. Using the recent primaries in New York State, we look at how outside interference may be altering the will of the people. At the same time, unethical actions from a Republican County Chairman all but guarantees if this occurred it will not be corrected.

But the highlight of the episode is our 1-on-1 interview with Steve Cornwell. Long rumored to be interested in the NY-22 race for 2020, he jumped into the race this month. We go in-depth to learn why he has decided to run, what he stands for, and clarifying answers from interviews on WUTQ and WNBF.





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