Following up on the effectiveness of Rep. Anthony Brindisi

Currently Democrats in the House are seeking a pay raise. This reminded us that in the politically long-ago time of January 2019, we first posed a question – is Rep. Anthony Brindisi ineffective? One of the reasons that we suggested this was possible was because of a lack of influence. But defenders of the freshman Congressman said we jumped the gun.

So we waited. It’s now 6 months into the 2019 term. Congress has wanted a raise since May. Rep. Brindisi’s office successfully survived a sex scandal – which is quite the feat in modern politics. There are at least 3 – 5 candidates (confirmed or suspected) that plan to challenge Brindisi in 2020. What has Brindisi done thus far?

Rep. Brindisi’s record

Anthony Brindisi, NY-22

Rep. Anthony Brindisi has sponsored 8 Bills, and 1 Amendment. Both a single Bill and the amendment were passed. The amendment, to HR 840, was exactly 7 words and had no impact as we discussed at the time.

HR 2333, was for a report on the status of the Veterans Administration on suicide prevention.

To direct the Comptroller General of the United States to conduct an assessment of the responsibilities, workload, and vacancy rates of Department of Veterans Affairs suicide prevention coordinators, and for other purposes.

It is estimated by Skopos Labs that there is a 23% chance of becoming law. In total, if passed, this will create a report due in 1 year. At which point actual action will need to be considered, discussed, and offered. The timing is just perfect for re-election and bolstering a campaign.

Including HR 2333, the most support for ANY Bill sponsored by Brindisi has been 10 co-sponsors. The plurality of Bills have between 1-8 co-sponsors each. As of this being written, none of the 7 Bills are expected to pass the House. All show a prognosis of 3% on potentially becoming law. 

Is this worthy of a raise?

Many might say this sounds like very little being done. Certainly it does not sound like an effort worthy of the pay increase some Democrats are pushing to receive. In fact HR 3260 offered by Rep. Brindisi is to oppose an automatic pay raise for Congress – which is his second most popular Bill to date. It has 8 co-sponsors out of 434 members of Congress.

Defenders of Brindisi have said this is excellent work on behalf of the public. That a message is being sent, though not heard it seems. They claim that a freshman in Congress can’t be expected to perform like more senior members of Congress.

To be fair, we looked at the other freshmen of Congress. We stuck to just New York State. We won’t even mention Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has more media coverage arguably than Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Instead we looked at freshman Rep. Anthony Delgado (NY-19), whose District is adjacent to the NY-22.

Rep. Delgado’s record

Rep. Delgado is also a Democrat but unlike Brindisi never held an office before being elected to Congress in 2018. He previously was a lawyer and a rapper. He currently has 9 Bills sponsored.

A 10th Bill, Young Farmer Success Act, was just announced one day ago. It has 3 co-sponsors including Rep. Courtney who introduced a similar Bill HR 1060 in 2017. That Bill went nowhere. 

None of the Bill’s offered by Delgado have passed the House of Representatives yet. Still, of the 9 other existing Bills, HR 3254 is the only Bill without a co-sponsor for Delgado. It was also introduced roughly 24 hours ago. The next lowest is HR 842 with 4 co-sponsors. Every other Bill has between 11 – 30 co-sponsors. In particular, HR 2336 has 23 co-sponsors and is estimated to have a 72% chance of becoming law.

Comparison conclusion

It’s too early to ask if this record is worthy of re-election. But it is not too early to ask if Rep. Brindisi has done anything of merit? Is the record of Rep. Brindisi evocative of a lack of influence and thus the mark of an ineffective member of Congress? Could our January speculation be coming to a reality before our eyes.

If he cannot [be effective], then he could become either a yes-man of the Party, a supporter of the radical Left (which would satisfy his deepest core of supporters comprised of Citizen Action and Indivisible NY), or like Rep. Hanna abandoned.

As to the pay raise many Democrats are trying to push forward now. We ask, since the public are the employers of members of Congress, is this record worthy of a raise? 

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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