Will the next caravan bring a pandemic to the Southern border?

Measles vaccination
John Restuccia - President BU College Libertarians and write at Binghamton Review

By: John Restuccia

            There is a growing problem, affecting many third world countries and thus the world. According to the World Health Organization(WHO), measles and mumps are on the rise in many countries all over the world. Measles and mumps are viral diseases, considered eliminated in most first-world nations, that are now spreading incredibly easily. In the worst cases, these diseases can mean death for those infected.

Disease is spreading

Currently, an outbreak of these diseases has hit Venezuela and other countries in South America. If this spreads, with the current amount of illegal aliens coming into America, measles and mumps will once again become a problem that affects all of America. According to a report done by NPR,

<blockquote>”…since June of 2017 we’ve seen upwards of almost 6,500 cases [in Venezuela]” – Robert Linkins from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”</blockquote>

Growth in South America

 Venezuela is in the throes of a socialist government imposing its power over its citizens. Untold tens of, and maybe hundreds of, thousands are trying to escape the oppressive regime. They have run to neighboring countries and even as far as the thousands of miles trek to the United States.

As a result, Brazil is now reporting over 10,000 cases of measles alone. A drastic increase when the year prior Brazil had 0 cases. This disease is beginning to be spotted in Columbia, Ecuador, and Chile according to Linkins.

Adding to concerns Honduras, one of the largest sources of illegal immigration into the US according to the Migration Policy Institute. Honduras represents the fourth highest country of origin for illegal aliens. Honduras is the same country that in 2018 announced a state of emergency for mumps with over 5,000 cases being recorded.

Impact on United States

With regard to legal immigration for the United States, all immigrants are required to have vaccinations including measles and mumps according to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. This is done to protect American citizens, from an outbreak of these diseases. However illegal aliens bypass the system in place to protect us, undermining the process.

This is integral to the current problem of illegal aliens in the United States. The Pew Research Center studied the number of illegal aliens currently living in the US. In 2016 alone there were an estimated 10.7 million illegals living in the US.

A startling finding from Pew Research was that illegal Mexican immigration had decreased while there was a rise in illegal aliens from Central America. With the number of illegal aliens coming in with the potential of measles, the next step is taking a look at the requirements for vaccines.


No State requires vaccinations for illegal aliens. However, there is a Federally funded program called the Vaccines for Children (VFC) which offers free vaccines for anyone who is uninsured.There are nearly 40,000 doctors according to the CDC that are enrolled in the VFC program. A stipulation is doctors in the program cannot deny any child.

In the VFC program, there are 16 different vaccinations that are covered including measles, chicken pox, and the flu. Each State has a different form to fill out for providing of these vaccines but in New York State,the form has no mention of immigration status. Meaning that doctors enrolled in the VFC program are not required to ask for the immigration status of the patient. But there is also the question of what these federally required vaccinations costing citizens?

The cost of these vaccines varies. The measles vaccines cost the CDC via the VFC $21.22 for 10 doses. If only 1 million illegal aliens took advantage of VFC for measles, less than 10% of the estimated illegal aliens, it would cost the taxpayers $2,122,000.That is only one of the 16 vaccines offered by the VFC. With the increase of outbreaks, the cost for taxpayers goes up more every year. Numbers increasing along with a number of illegal aliens coming into the country unless the VFC is changed.

Real unknowns on the march

The fact of the matter is this. The VFC does not report the number of people who take advantage of these programs. Nor, critically, which vaccinations people are taking advantage of.

 Due to the rise in measles and mumps in Central and South America,people will start – if they have not yet – looking to the United States. To obtain free vaccines and risk infecting Americans with a number of diseases.This is how a pandemic could start.

With programs such as the VFC available in the United States, offering free (taxpayer funded) vaccines to children whose families are uninsured, people with these diseases may be encouraged to illegally come to this nation. The potential to start a pandemic has increased with illegal immigration,socialist turmoil and the resulting loss of basic healthcare. This potential and real impact on America can’t be understated.



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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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