TECN 7: BREAKING News – Smollett vs Mueller; Red Flags in Senate; Who believes in GND?

Senator Cruz, Senator Coryn, Senator Graham

March 26, 2019 – (as recorded live from TECN show at 1pm) Nothing but breaking news in this episode. Starting with Jussie Smollett expunged. Is this the media trying to use ANYTHING to distract from the 2 year misinformation campaign that Mueller highlights? Then to the real meat and potatoes of the day. A story likely to be lost to most – Senate Judiciary has hearing on a national Red Flag legislation. Clears the way to move forward as 9 Senators favor the Bill, 1 against, and 3 on the fence. you may be surprised who. Finally we covered the lead up to the vote on the Green New Deal in Senate today. Will it pass? Who opposes it? Why do they oppose it?

** Update ** As reported at 4:57pm







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