Open letter to Rep. Anthony Brindisi on Green New Deal

The following is a verbatim copy of a letter sent to Rep. Brindisi on February 15, 2019. It was sent via his Congressional page. Any and all responses will be published verbatim.

Rep. Brindisi,

I hope that you are as concerned as I am on a recent proposal from your fellow Democrats, that proposes to overturn the Constitution. I am speaking of H. Res. 109 (Green New Deal or GND). I am especially concerned as, in hearing you in person at the Binghamton Town Hall at Post 1645, your position on this matter was inconclusive at best.

Rep. Brindisi, setting aside the job killing tax increases and ignoring the doomsday predictions (which we have heard before, Al Gore et. al.), this Bill and the overall policy it requires is dangerous. Not because removing all planes and cargo ships is antithetical to trade and security. Not because forcible removal of gas-powered cars for non-existent high speed rail is both impractical and as California has shown improbable under current regulations. Not because of the politically partisan mandate for union membership.

Without doubt the violation of the Pursuit of Happiness Clause, 4th Amendment, Due Process Clause, 5th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Business law, and required discrimination are all exceptionally troubling and illegal. But at the core of the Bill and the policy it promotes violates a fundamental cornerstone of America – the Right and Freedom to choose. Citizens, and in fact any person within the territory of the United States, lose the Right to choose to participate. Even the simple choice of diet is mandated away from the public at large.

I must ask, and you should get an answer from your fellow Democrats in support of this policy, what happens if I (and any American citizen) choose not to comply? What if I prefer to keep my gas-powered car? What if I don’t want to give the Government access to demolish my property or remodel it to the whims of the Government? What if I prefer to not be a member of a union? What if I refuse to give up eating a cheeseburger or a steak?

What will the Government do to citizens to enforce the mandated 100% compliance? If the Government can forcibly compel my actions, what freedom can any citizen have on any other aspect of life? How can we retain a Government “of the People”, if the power and voice of the People has been nullified?

Rep. Brindisi, these are serious issues. They are not partisan. They are universal and essential to the existence of America.

As both my Representative, and as a citizen who would be forcibly compelled by these proposals (unless there is a class of individual that is either implicitly or explicitly exempt of these mandates which would be discriminatory), you must answer these questions. I am not alone in these concerns. But many fear retribution and public ostracizing that comes with speaking out in the current political environment. Which makes your public response even more important.

I, and the plurality of the NY-22, look forward to hear the results of your conversations with members of Congress, including your fellow Democrats, on these questions and concerns.

Michael “Vass” Vasquez
Constituent in the NY-22

About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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