Could the trend be a result of New York State policies?

January 31, 2019 – Binghamton, NY – New York State will be the ‘Progressive capital’ of the nation. It’s a promise that has been made several times, over several years, by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Not that there has ever been a referendum or proposition offered to the residents on this decree. But what if you track the result of this? Have the people of New York voiced their opinions?


Starting with members of the House of Representatives New York has lost 18 seats since 1953. Let’s be fair. New York hasn’t increased the number of Representatives since the 1910 Census (when it added 6). But under Gov. Cuomo, and the drive to Progressivism (or Socialism, or a presidential nomination – whatever you believe is the goal) a total of 6 members of Congress will be lost. The latest 2 seats in Congress are based on the fact that at least 1.3 million people will have fled the State since 2010. A continuation of a trend that the Democrat and Chronicle highlighted in a December 2018 article,

“Unfortunately, we’re still headed in the wrong direction, losing more people to the rest of the country than we’re gaining from foreign immigration or from net natural growth due to births.”


But how could that be? Surely being the Progressive capital a positive goal? Isn’t being more Progressive than California an ideal worthy of the Empire State? Gov. Cuomo did get re-elected 2x after all.
NY State Assembly seal
Not quite. Because the full court press, to not be a Democrat-run State but a Progressive State (or as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would prefer a Democrat Socialist State) has led to higher taxes, more regulation, more benefits for illegal aliens, and more regressive laws against law abiding citizens. This is crystal clear in the laws that have been enacted since the start of 2019.

There had already been the SAFE Act, mandatory minimum wage, and changes in renewable energy targets. Add to that new abortion rules that allow for the termination of full term babies, Red Flag laws that deny Due Process and mandate removing children from homes. Add on top of that the reward to illegal immigrants seeking college educations for free and changes in voting laws that have a targeted benefit to the ruling political Party of the State.


How has that affected everywhere but New York City? Well 42 Upstate Counties have steadily lost population. So much so that New York leads the nation in out migration – again. For years in a row. The unemployment rate for 66% of Upstate New York is both higher than Downstate, the Statewide and national averages. In some parts, severely so as the NY Post noted,

“Yet this much is undeniable: People go where jobs are. And where they can afford to live. New York’s problem is that places where employment opportunities exist, such as in the city, are too expensive. And places that aren’t pricey, such as upstate, lack jobs.”

Business has also abandoned the Upstate. In Broome County, as an example, a hub of local business the Oakdale Mall has lost its anchor stores and multiple smaller businesses. Even the major news of a hemp facility comes with serious questions and drawbacks. Announced this month, the new business was touted by Sen. Charles Schumer to create 400 jobs. But just days later when the deal was inked the number of jobs was quietly revised to 100-120 jobs, replacing a loss of 93 jobs at the proposed location – so a gain of 7-27 net jobs. That’s costing $650,000 to NY taxpayers – with an unreported cost to Broome County and the City of Binghamton in tax abatement incentives.

But similar circumstances exist in other regions. In Utica, an $800 million proposed hospital has displaced hundred year old businesses. $300 million in State tax revenues have been allocated to the project. Among other dealings involved in the background that led the Observed Dispatch Editorial Board to state,

“The businesses being displaced are, for the most part, longtime anchors in our community. They are not expendable and finding them a place in the city where they can continue to thrive and grow must be a priority. Another business exodus is not acceptable.”


The situation is so bad that even when Democrats suggest a change, they are ignored. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli outlined in 2017 that the then-debt and economic policy of the State results in,

“Still, backdoor borrowing imposes significant costs on taxpayers, lacks transparency and may limit flexibility in providing important services and programs.”

Even Bills by 42 year Assembly veterans, like former Assemblyman Farrell, were thrown aside without a single vote or review – A07288.

Just like you were told

Is this all an accident of epic proportions? Did Gov. Cuomo and Democrat/Progressive members of the Assembly and State Senate just make a mistake? How could they see all these negative results?

It could be considered a mistake, an oversight, an error based on good intentions. You could even blame it all on the weather. Except for that declaration in 2014, which has never been forgotten,

“New York’s official state motto is Excelsior, often translated as “ever upward”, but if Governor Andrew Cuomo had his way, he’s prefer it to say “ever liberal”. He recently told conservative Republicans – specifically anyone who is pro-traditional marriage, pro-life or pro-guns – they “have no place in the state of New York“.

With the latest laws of 2019 doubling down on this declaration, millions of New Yorker’s that have teetered on the fence about staying or going, have been given yet another push out the door. No jobs, high taxes, an active persecution by law for exercising Rights. No respect for the unborn and too much benefit for the unrepentant and illegal. No concern for debt, and a rush to increase government spending. All in service to the ambition to wear a title no citizen has voted for, and to win a nomination much of the nation would not support.

Not only is the decline in New York purposive, it has been telegraphed over several years.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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