The Ford Kavanaugh Hearings in real-time tweets

Senate hearing on September 27, 2018
Senate hearing on accusations from Christine Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh - Sept. 27, 2018

September 27. 2018 – In watching every moment of the Senate hearing to consider the allegations by Dr. Christine Ford against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh the end result is no difference. Nothing is known that was not known already. Nothing was asked that was not asked prior.

Perhaps the only things that was made more detailed was how did the letter by Dr. Ford get leaked to public? Sen. Diane Feinstein publicly blamed Dr. Ford and her friends, claiming that neither she nor her staff leaked the information. Which conflicted with the direct statement of Dr. Ford that neither she nor her lawyers, the only ones to have the letter besides Democrats, leaked the letter. That was embarrassing, but not definitive in any manner.

In addition the polygraph was brought into question. The details that it was done at the last moment, between flights during a funeral, at a time of high emotion and stress, appear to invalidate any results of the 2 question test. But there was no followup on this matter.

The process was incredibly polite to Dr. Ford. It was apparent that only the most gentle of approach was used in speaking to her. But when Judge Kavanaugh spoke, from the start Senate Democrats were vicious and incredulous of every statement.

Yet, with that said, Dr. Ford seemed credible in her belief that she was assaulted and that such assault was by Kavanaugh. At the same time, it was apparent that her belief was not based in any reliable proof but faith in her memory. A memory that was self-admittedly flawed.

It should also be said that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was equally staunch in his belief. He was highly detailed in presenting facts and corroboration. If there was any weakness in his defense of his character and life, it would be his defiance to submit to the only issue that Senate Democrats appeared to desire – a FBI investigation to extend the time for a nomination. A point Kavanaugh brought up several times in the process – and hammered by Senate Republicans once they spoke for themselves.

The following is every tweet, made by M V Consulting President Michael “Vass” Vasquez in watching every moment of the nearly 10 hour process. These statements contain emotions and views of Mr. Vasquez alone and are a live commentary of his views alone:

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