The Marc Molinaro experience in Binghamton NY

Press Conference: Marcus Molinaro, candidate for NY Governor
Press Conference: Marcus Molinaro, candidate for NY Governor - Credit: Michael Vass/Vass Political Commentary

Aug. 24, 2018 – Binghamton, NY – On a bright and sunny noon day in Broome County, on the steps of the County Courthouse, gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro entered the City of Binghamton to join a couple of dozen supporters of a press conference. Mr. Molinaro is the only declared Republican challenger to incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the 2018 election. Gov. Cuomo is facing 2 challengers from the Left of the Democrat Party, in addition to challengers from the Libertarian (Larry Sharpe) and Green (Howie Hawkins) Parties.

Marc Molinaro, a former 5x Mayor of the city of Tivoli, former Assemblyman of the 103rd District, and current County Executive of Duchess County is travelling the State to raise awareness of his campaign and the issues facing the State. His running mate is Julie Killian, who was in Binghamton on Monday Aug. 20, 2018. Mr. Molinaro, after visiting businesses and residents of Broome County, would return to Binghamton at 6pm for a open to the public town hall.

In the 12 noon announcement, Molinaro addressed the news media on the recent flooding in parts of Upstate New York,the economic prospects for the State, and the reasons for his run and plans for the future. Highlights of the press conference included reflection on the recent comments of Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his opinion of the state of America, in the past and currently, that have gained international attention. The comments have caused many to doubt the suspected prospect for Cuomo to run for President in 2020.

“We’re not going to make America great again – it was never that great.”

The critical comments of the past and recent statements by incumbent Cuomo were buoyed with a request for the incumbent to apologize for the troubling, and many believe political response to the Far Left, statements. More directly Molinaro addressed his commitment to economic expansion as well as a measured view of 2nd Amendment rights balanced with the need to protect citizens, and a willingness to embrace all political views of residents of the State.

Candidate Marc Molinaro town hall in Binghamton NY

“It was only 4 yrs ago that this Governor looked out and said to those Right of Center, that they had no place in New York. So let me tell you my philosophy. If you are too Left of Center, you have every place in New York. If you are Center, you have every place in New York. If you are Right of Center, you have every place in New York. We have got to stop creating these false lines in the sand and expect individuals to pick a side.”

Following the press conference, at 6pm, Molinaro joined over 130 residents of all and no Party affiliation in the Holiday Inn. After an introduction sharing the experiences in government of the youngest Mayor, Molinaro spent more than an hour answering questions. Residents expressed concerns with the massive levels of red tape businesses and non-profits encounter, the challenges of adoption, and frustration at the impediment of high taxes. Virtually no aspect of life in New York State, and especially in the Southern Tier region, was missed. Mr. Molinaro was unreserved in admitting such challenges were a leading cause of the exodus from the State that has included 1.2 million people during the Cuomo Administration. Yet he requested the opportunity, if elected, to show residents the potential to change the status quo, a path that was not an over night fix but possible in his view.

The evening ended with Molinaro thanking all residents for their attendance no matter if they had chosen to vote for him, seeking further information, or looking forward to supporting him in this election. Molinaro promised to return to Broome County, prior to the election and again if elected as Governor.

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