Red Flag legislation: A comprehensive review for NY and nation – part 8

Courts and gun laws

August 20, 2018 – Vestal, NY – The following is the full transcript of a speech, made by M V Consulting Inc and Liberty First Foundation NY Chapter president Michael “Vass” Vasquez to the members of the Americans for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC) and the general public at the Vestal Public Library. The speech is an in-depth review of Red Flag legislation in New York State and across the nation. Due to the length of the details and data, compiled from over 50 sources and growing in an on-going investigation, the speech is being split into 8 parts. Due to time constraints, the actual live presentation truncated portions of the original documentation, without alteration of the data, details, or context.

Any news media organization that wishes to receive this presentation in its original form or reprint these articles, including all public sources, in order to address this growing trend of legislation and inform the public of all aspects of this legislation, is given full rights to do so. To receive a copy of the original form, please contact us.

Amended (due to time constraints) speech at Vestal Public Library:

Q & A with audience after the presentation:

Ultimately, Red Flag legislation, under whatever name and form created, is simply enforcing a general and media-fueled emotional hype, to punish American citizens that have violated no law, and whose only fault – according to some – is the Constitutionally backed execution of their Rights, via a process of turning the court system on its head by legalizing guilt before innocence and punishment without a trial by jury.
Michael "Vass" Vasquez in Vestal, NY discussing Red Flag legislation with AFRTC
As I stated at the beginning of this discussion, America is a nation founded by the core belief of individual freedom. We created a set of rules that allowed a diverse people to live together as a free and united society. We prospered due to the assurance that our freedom and Rights were omnipresent and superior to a Government that would seek to limit the populace or the whims of a minority of individuals preferences – as is the case throughout most of history and in other nations across the globe.

Red Flag legislation, while having a stated intent of furthering the safety of the populace, fails. It’s consequences are predictable – in fact are legal mandates in many cases – and erode the very freedoms that are the foundation of a nation that today is proudly seen as the most free, most generous, and most powerful in the world. I believe, and I think I have proven, that Red Flag legislation (under whatever name) poses a greater, though different, threat than the issue it proposes to resolve. It is less immediate to see but all encompassing in its reach and devastation.

While this, I hope, has been a comprehensive review of Red Flag legislation in the nation, with an emphasis on New York State, it is not complete. There is far more data, more results from several States, more FOIA requests pending, and questions unanswered by politicians. Sadly, even so, this seems to be the most comprehensive discussion on the subject available to the public at this time. I should add that key elements of the subject and research have been shared with politicians and news agencies throughout New York and on a national level. At this moment, no response has been received on promoting this subject.

So it’s up to you to share this, spread the word, and make the public aware.

Thank you.

Partial list of sources:

Rocky Mountain PBS – Matthew Riehl –
ABC7 Sarasota –
CBS Chicago –

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