Candidate for Lt. Gov. Julie Killian in Binghamton, NY at the Spot Restaurant

Julie Killian - 2018 candidate for Lt. Governor of New York

Aug. 21, 2018 – Binghamton, NY – It was at 9am on Monday morning that a small crowd of residents and their children gathered at the Spot Restaurant to be able to speak one-on-one with a unique candidate. This candidate is a mother, a former city council member and Deputy Mayor of the City of Rye, and former candidate for the NY State Senate District 37 seat. That would be Julie Killian.

This is the second time that Mrs. Killian has been in Binghamton. The prior time was on June 20th, with more media coverage than this visit. But the lack of the major news media only ensured that those present would be able to directly ask questions that matter to residents and not the memes and eyeball catching teaser tags needed to support Statewide and national conglomerates.

Julie Killian was not alone in her visit though. State Senator Fred Akshar accompanied the candidate, yet was mostly silent as this was a spotlight on her views and intentions as potentially Lt. Governor. He did not hide his support though; nor did he shy away from questions from the audience that addressed the prior and upcoming State Senate sessions. Neither did Senator Akshar avoid highlighting the failures of Gov. Cuomo and his recent now internationally recognized proclamation that America lacks greatness.

“Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show on CBS and a fierce critic of Trump, said it was “the dumbest thing you could say as a politician”. – The Guardian

Some of the highlights in the very warm and personal personal conversation were Killian detailing her efforts to promote the RyeACT (Action for Children and Teens) Coalition that received a $625,000 federal grant, and her commitment – along with running-mate candidate for Governor Marc Molinaro – to lower property taxes and enforce greater accountability on where and how New York State is spending taxpayer dollars. Without mentioning it directly, Killian took Gov. Andrew Cuomo to task for the loss of population, web of corruption, and business-unfriendliness that have been the hallmarks of the terms of Cuomo.

One area that was not completely clear was the issue of the Second Amendment. This has been an area of concern from several pro-2nd Amendment organizations in the State, and when asked by Michael Vass about upcoming Red Flag legislation, Killian noted a lack of specific knowledge on this pending Bill. It is likely that her top of the ticket running mate Marc Molinaro will address this issue on Friday August 24, 2018 when he holds a town hall meeting in Binghamton at the Holiday Inn.

Directly, Killian mentioned the fact that a potential win is viable in the 2018 gubernatorial race if the millions of gun owners within the State – a group of often maligned residents of the State targeted by Cuomo via the SAFE Act and pending Red Flag legislation – were to vote as a block. Not only did she identify a path to victory via gun owners, but also another path taking into account the multiple fractures within the Democrat Party. From Socialists and the Far Left via Cynthia Nixon and the former Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner. With perennial Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins expected to be pulling his traditional 1-5% of fringe votes, the combination of efforts of Miner and/or Nixon could open the window to a winning plurality of votes. It should be noted thought that Libertarian Larry Sharpe was not mentioned at any point. He stands slightly ahead of Hawkins and Miner at 3% according to a July Quinnipiac poll.

One thing was abundantly clear. That with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating slipping towards his May 2017 all-time low, and given both his remarks and the reaction to them, the battle for the 2018 election – to say nothing of the 2020 presidential nomination many feel is the true goal of Cuomo – cannot be seen as a sure bet. It could be said that, without serious intervention, under pressure from the Left and with Libertarians on the rise, while boxing with President Trump in his favorite arena of Twitter as he garners support with rallies across the nation and in Upstate New York, Cuomo may see an end to his vision of the Progressive capital of the East. If that is the case, few would argue that any candidates are better positioned to reap the rewards than Molinaro and Killian.

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