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Red Flag laws assault freedom

The following is the transcript for the third segments of Episode 77 of the NO Soundbites Allowed podcast. A verbatim record of every word said in our discussion of political news highlights from the week of June 3, 2018. We are providing this written version of the political commentary podcast for those that prefer to read, would like to quote, or do not have access to the podcast found for free on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/no-soundbites-allowed/id1111780629?mt=2) or on Podbean at NO Soundbites Allowed.

The NO Soundbites Allowed podcast is formatted normally in 3 segments, with musical breaks between segments. The first segment of this political commentary broadcast covered the question of microaggressions and race relations in regard to common everyday interactions. The second segment address the continuing impact of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the 100’s of millions of dollars paid in cash to the largest supporter of terrorism in the world.

We have included the time stamp, for those that wish to refer to the podcast itself. Michael “Vass” Vasquez is the president of M V Consulting, Inc. Links to sources for the podcast can be seen at the Podbean site, and we have included links in this transcript.

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[39:29] Hello everybody and thank you for joining us back at the ever popular. No Soundbites Allowed. I thank you for being here with me. I’m your host, Michael Vass, the dragon of the Southern Tier. I thank you for listening to the program so far. I thank you for always being involved and I always look forward to your feedback and your comments. Please let me know how you think the show is going and how we can improve. I also thank Matt Cornwell for his wonderful song there and letting us, be able to use that on the show, during our breaks.

[40:01] So I want to go into… in the last 24 hours has been some news. Now I’ve talked about how we’re looking at micro-categories that are trying to separate people into different racial groups in different economic groups and how that’s tearing apart our nation by this kind of mindset. I’m looking at, in the second segment, we’re talking about how President Obama and his Treasury Department under the Obama Administration went behind the backs of Americans to try and fund, to allow funds to be used for terrorism and to help facilitate that with $5,700,000,000. These are things that are tearing at our nation in our face and behind the scenes, little thing, little things that are not quite so little at all that are building up and tearing at us. And it’s… It’s terrifying.

[40:51] But there’s another aspect that’s also important to understand. It’s about the Second Amendment. I’m a huge advocate of the Second Amendment. Huge. I heard, I saw this article when it came out. It was first announced by WHEC news 10. Then it was also spoken about by Syracuse.com, and a few other agencies, about Governor Cuomo (who’s up for reelection) and his stances. He’s doubling down on his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric. He is looking to do something that is very dangerous. It’s actually part of a bigger plan because it is part of what’s called a red flag law. Sometimes they’re called Extreme Risk Protection Orders or ERPO. What these are is laws that allow the government to come into your home and take your firearms because you are “a danger to yourself and/or the community” and they can take your firearms without due process, without you being in a trial.
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They can go just to police and a judge and they can order to break into your home, violate your Fourth Amendment rights, take your firearms, violate your Second Amendment rights, and you have a year to go into court and prove that you are not a danger to yourself and/or the public, and supposedly get your firearm back. I know of at least one case where an individual did in fact beat them. Beat the government, is supposed to be returned their firearm and the government lost their firearm. No one knows where it is. So that’s just part of the corruption and insanity of all this. They’re taking your gun and they’re either destroying it or losing it. Who knows what they did because they don’t want you to have that firearm period. The way to do it is to take away your right to face your accusers and to be in the court of law and prove your case. Because it’s going to protect people, quote unquote.

Protect who from whom. Because some stranger says that your a danger, the Government says, ‘okay, well then that’s good enough for us. We’ll go and break into your house, and take your firearms period’. Because someone said so. Without giving you a chance to prove or defend yourself whatsoever. So that’s what’s in that bill actually.

There is a Red Flag, Extreme Risk Protection Order (or otherwise known as ERPO) Bill that is facing the New York State Senate right now. It already passed the New York State Assembly in 2017. It is sitting and waiting for the New York State Senate to take it up. It’s not popular and it is not moving forward. So in an election year, with that being unpopular, well Governor Cuomo has made a decision.

The best way he can try and further take away the Second Amendment rights of people of New York is to deny the constituents their constitutional right, their natural right to defend themselves. Instead he’s going to the teachers. He is proposing to go to teachers and make them law enforcement officials and to seize the firearms of families across the United States… excuse me, New York. I would imagine since he’s running for president in 2020, he’s going to try that across the nation as well.

[44:25] That teachers are now going to be law enforcement officials. When they identify a student that is troubled or maybe in a troubled home, they can then use a backdoor red flag law to allow the government to break into that home, violate the Fourth Amendment right, and take the firearms away from that family. Is that not terrifying? Is everyone not terrified? I mean the allusion is to Nazi Germany, but any totalitarian government. We see this all the time where the first thing that they do is they take away the firearms. We hear all the time, teachers say, ‘well, you know’. They can’t do certain things. That’s not part of their job. Matter of fact, the argument currently is teachers can’t be armed in schools because they’re not law enforcement officials. They’re not trained for that. Guess what? Teachers are not trained to identify what’s happening in someone’s home, and whether or not anyone in the home – who is not in the school – is a danger to the community.

[45:32] They are not legal scholars. They’re not lawyers and they’re not social workers. They don’t have the qualifications to do this. How can they go and authorize the government to go into your home and break it. To go into your privacy of your home and take your firearms, violating your 2nd Amendment rights. Because some teacher… so that little Johnny scored low on a test.

[46:02] If Johnny is there and he’s, I don’t know, playing for the football team and he seems tired and the teacher doesn’t like that, they will assume that – and the presumption is – well, that’s because of his home life and therefore we have to do that. Little Johnny goes to school and he gets in a scuffle with one of his other students. Maybe Johnny doesn’t agree with the idea that he has to assume everyone is a racist and he gets into a fight saying, “I’m not a racist.”

[46:30] Even though you know the media is saying that he should be considered a racist. He doesn’t like that. He gets in a fight. He gets a couple of… He gets a black eye. He goes into class. The teacher sees the black eye. Says he must have got that at his home, calls up the court. Says, ‘you know, Johnny has a black eye. He has a dangerous home life. Go into his house, take the guns away from his family and we will protect him and our community.’ You know after the fact, when the family has no due process, somewhere in the next year they can go to court and see if they can try and get those firearms back. But the government is going to be involved first.

By the way, if the government’s coming into your house to try and take away your guns, they’re also going to send Child Protection Services, CPS – here in New York State, into your home. They’re going to send them into your home and they’re going to try and take your kids away from you as well. Because if your house is so dangerous that they have to have the police come in and take away your firearm, it’s too dangerous for you to have kids. So they’re going to try and take away those kids so the State can run their lives. Raise those kids for you. This is dangerous. I mean, do you see how dangerous this is.

Cuomo seeks to uses teachers to take guns and children from homes
That this is the Government saying that they are going to take away your rights, your freedoms, your privileges, and they’re going to take away your family too as a consequence of that. Unqualified individuals who have no knowledge are going to try and interfere with your daily life and the way you raise your family. Because the government in the form of Governor Cuomo says, ‘I don’t like it.’ Because he doesn’t like firearms and because he… even though he is protected by a slew of firearms in terms of his security… even though that he is being protected by firearms. He has the right to have a firearm, you shouldn’t because you’re just a lowly person.

He’s the Governor, as if that makes any difference. His rights are better than your rights. He gets to decide that you don’t have the right to a 2nd Amendment to own a firearm. He has the right to, under that guise that he’s putting out there, to have the Government break into your home, violate your 4th Amendment rights, go through your home, take your firearms. Then send in Child Protection Services and deny you the right to raise your children. Because they are connected. It isn’t in the article, but it is directly connected. If your household is too dangerous to have a firearm, your households too dangerous to have your kids. So the State wants to raise your kids for you, and teach them what they want those kids to know. The values that they approve of.

In New York State, that means the furthest left ideology. Which means that you are just wrong. You don’t know what to do. This is dangerous. It’s not just programming of minds. It’s not just turning kids into informants in their household; because you know, there’s gonna be some kids – junior high school, elementary school – they don’t understand the consequences of these things. They’re going to be in an argument. Well, I couldn’t go to see this movie. I couldn’t go over to my friend’s house. I’m going to get back at you and I’m going to tell the teacher that something bad happened. Which we hear all the time right now, when CPS is involved. Then they’re going to tell the teacher that and under Governor Cuomo directive, the teacher is going to turn around, call up the court and say, ‘This is a home that is not safe. Take their guns away.’

They’re going to come get them. Then you, without having ever gone into a courtroom, you are denied to due process to be able to protect yourself. You have to go in without due process, denied to you, which is your constitutional right, and you have to go fight the government. You say, ‘What are you talking about? The kid was upset because I didn’t buy them a teddy bear… because I didn’t let them go to a movie. Give me back my guns. Get out of house. Stop trying to brainwash my kids.’

That’s the fight you have to have. This is insane. We should all be outraged, massively, insanely outrage because this is wrong. Governor Cuomo is overreaching. He is a governor of a state. He is not a king. He is not a president. He is not some totalitarian who can just go out there and make up whatever he wants.

[50:53] I understand. He thinks that this is great. New York is a super blue State. We see a lot of a Far Left radical ideas here. He wants to be New York to be more radical to the Left than even California. He wants this to be the progressive capital of the nation. He said so three years ago in his State of the State address. That he is pushing forward to make us not just blue but socialist. He wants the nation to be… He wants New York State to be socialists and he’s going to run for Governor, excuse me, President in 2020 on the idea that we should be a more socialist, more radical progressive nation than ever before. Part of his plan is to do this. Since he cannot get the Red Flag laws, the extreme risk protection orders passed in the New York State Senate and cannot make this law. He is looking to get around that by going to teachers who are unqualified to be able to take your firearms from you and to brainwash your kids by taking the kids away from you too.

[52:02] Now, you may disagree with this. You may not agree and I invite you. I will have links for these articles to go and read it for yourself. Learn about the extreme risk protection orders. Read about that and you can make the decision for yourself. But I have to tell you, I think it’s dangerous. I think this is insane. This man should not be re-elected and we should actively take precautions to make sure that these kinds of things do not get passed! We must stop this! It’s a violation of your 4th Amendment, Second Amendment, your Due Process. It is violating your rights. Be involved.

[52:45] And if you think I’m wrong, tell me how I’m wrong. If you don’t think that this will be able to do these things, that these are the consequences of his actions. Please tell me how I’m wrong. Tell me how this is not logical step by step based on what he is doing and what is in the Senate right now. In the State Senate, the bills that are being proposed. Tell me how I’m wrong. I truly want to know. Let’s make sure we hear everybody. I could be, I could be incorrect. Let’s find out. Let’s make sure that we all are on the same page. Because I believe that if you are aware of this and you realize the ramifications of what this means – not just what he’s saying, ‘I will protect the kids were going to protect our schools.’ No, there is another here. And then what?

[53:31] Follow it up. Not just, Oh, this is what it’s going to do today. What’s it going to do tomorrow? What’s the next step? What is the next logical thing that happens with this? You’re not just protecting a kid by taking the guns away. You’re going into a home, violating the fourth amendment. I know I said it three times now. Fighting the fourth amendment, violating the second amendment and denying the due process and brainwashing kids as well. That is insane. In the United States, we have to stop this. I don’t care if you vote for Larry Sharpe or you vote for Marc Molinaro or you vote for Casper the Ghost. Don’t re-elect Governor Cuomo. I have to say for Cynthia Nixon who’s even further left than Governor Cuomo is, I, I don’t believe that that will be the best thing. But you don’t have to believe me.

[54:23] You don’t have to agree. You can vote for anyone you want, but be informed, read this, understand the consequences, and then make your decision. If you think I’m wrong, after reading this, reading these articles, reading about the ERPO – the red flag laws, and the due process that it denies. If you think I’m wrong, let me know how, I truly would like to hear that.

Well folks I’ve gone over time, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. I do try and make them as best I can. It’s a midweek episode of the No Soundbites Allow podcast. Please, you can reach me on the podcast. You can reach me on Facebook. My name is Michael Vass. You can also find me on twitter @MVConsult, that’s my twitter, or you can reach me on my email info@vassconsult.com. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Please share this if you agree or even if you disagree. I want people to know and talk to me about it. I look forward to it.

For our exit music today we’re going to go with Adam Ate the Apple is the name of the band. Their album is no flying cars and I think that the best thing, uh, we’re gonna go with Matches – their number five song on their album. So with that, I look forward to speaking to you all very, very soon.

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