Facebook Commentary: The choice for NY State is speak up or lose your Rights

Red Flag laws assault freedom

The following is the verbatim commentary found on Facebook, 6/13/18. The subject is the Red Flag Bill ( NY State Senate Bill S7133A) that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is attempting to pass without public knowledge. We include contact information on New York State Senators at the end of this article.

“While the nation is looking overseas, Gov. Cuomo and his ilk are
attempting to conscript teachers, and prepare to enter your home for your firearms and children…

6/11/18 – NY Post – Cuomo ratchets up pressure on GOP to pass ‘red flag’ gun bill – Cuomo ratchets up pressure on GOP to pass ‘red flag’ gun bill

How long have I been among the few voices warning about this…

6/6/18 – Microaggressions in directions; Macroaggressions to help Iran; Cuomo suggests using kids to steal guns and deny Rights

6/4/18 – Your freedom is being assaulted, very quietly

4/11/18 – Stripping Rights and firearms, one small Bill at a time

Maybe now that the mainstream news has finally caught on to what I have spoken about, you too will pay attention – and take action. Before its too late.

Reach out to your State Senators (in the NY-52 that is State Senator Fred Akshar) and demand that the Red Flag Bill, aka ERPO, aka Extreme Risk Protection Order never sees the light of day.

Please share this with everyone you know that supports the Second Amendment.”

Contact the New York State Senate – main contact – https://www.nysenate.gov/contact

  • Contact – NY 42nd Senate District – State Senator John J. Bonacic
    201 Dolson Avenue Suite F Middletown, NY 10940
    Phone: (845) 344-3311

  • Contact – NY 47th Senate District – State Senator Joseph A. Griffo
    207 Genesee Street Room 408 Utica, NY 13501
    Phone: (315) 793-9072

  • Contact – NY 51st Senate District – State Senator James Seward
    4030 West Road Cortland, NY 13045
    Phone: (607) 758-9005

  • Contact – NY 52nd Senate District – State Senator Fred Akshar
    44 Hawley Street Room 1607 Binghamton, NY 13901
    Phone: (607) 773-8771

  • Contact – NY 54th Senate District – State Pamela Helming
    425 Exchange St Geneva, NY 14456
    Phone: 315-568-9816

  • Contact – NY 58th Senate District – State Senator Thomas O’Mara
    333 East Water Street Suite 301 Elmira, NY 14901
    Phone: 607-735-9671

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