Exclusive: Anthony Brindisi in Binghamton – audio and analysis of questions and answers – Transcript

The following is the transcript for the second and third segments of Episode 73 of the NO Soundbites Allowed podcast. A verbatim record of every word said in our discussion of political news highlights from the week of May 20-26, 2018. We are providing this written version of the political commentary podcast for those that prefer to read, would like to quote, or do not have access to the podcast found for free on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/no-soundbites-allowed/id1111780629?mt=2) or on Podbean at NO Soundbites Allowed.

The NO Soundbites Allowed podcast is formatted normally in 3 segments, with musical breaks between segments. The first segment of the political commentary broadcast covered the regional 2018 New York election for the 122nd Assembly seat. The incumbent is Republican Assemblyman Clifford Crouch. His challenger is Nicholas “Nick” Libous, the son of former State Senator Thomas Libous, in his first bid for elected office.

The transcript includes unedited audio clips from the Brindisi campaign event in Binghamton, NY, where questions were presented by the public. Though the event denied recordings, M V Consulting, Inc. was provided the audio recording for publication. Emphasis has been added to the audio clip Q & A portion of the podcast, to allow readers to easily identify that portion in the transcript. In addition, an audio clip from the Rubin Report has also been emphasized for recognition.

We have included the time stamp, for those that wish to refer to the podcast itself. Michael “Vass” Vasquez is the president of M V Consulting, Inc. Links to sources for the podcast can be seen at the Podbean site, and we have included links in this transcript.

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Michael Vasquez: 00:16:44 Hello and thank you for coming back to the ever popular. NO Soundbites Allowed the with your host, Michael Vass, the dragon of the Southern Tier, and I want to thank you each and every one of you for being here, being part of our audience.

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Michael Vasquez: 00:17:02 It’s because of you. It’s because of you that it all makes it worthwhile. I thank you for that and I do appreciate it because it’s very important that you’re the reason why I do this on a regular basis. Because it’s important to be able to hear what’s going on around us; to hear about the announcements; to hear about some of the things that are going on behind the scenes; to be able to make the best choices in terms of who are going to be our elected officials – in terms of supporting a Bill, a new piece of legislation or anything that affects our lives every single day. And that’s what this is all about. The things that affect our lives every single day. Speaking of that, I want to go into what I had promised before and it’s a little bit of a Newsflash, but I’m not going to do that.

Michael Vasquez: 00:17:52 Hold off on that second. First. I actually, I want to put this in context. I want to put you in the proper mindset for this man. I think one of the best ways to be able to do that… I was watching, I do a lot of research. I was actually recently reviewing the Rubin Report. You can find that on Youtube. It’s called Rubin (R U B I N) Report and this is from January 31st of 2018, The host Dave Ruben was speaking with Mr Ben Shapiro and also Jordan Peterson. All of them are rather big names, been in a lot of news media, very popular and I was listening to one of the answers by Jordan Peterson. It struck me especially as those preparing to get this episode of our podcast done. And I want to play that for you. Then I’ll put that in context and then I’ll put on Mr Brindisi and what he in fact said word for word. So let me pause. You’re going to hear that …the next thing is going to be Jordan Peterson speaking to Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro on January 31, 2018.

Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro
Jordan Peterson: 00:19:06 “Yeah. Well, the funny thing about her argument is that it’s prey was predicated on the idea that somehow people have a right to be comfortable. It’s like, that’s just not a right you have in life. Of all the things you can say that you don’t have a right to in life, being comfortable is number one.

Dave Rubin: 00:19:22 You made that point, you can offend me right now.

Jordan Peterson: 00:19:24 So the thing is, if you, if you’re right to be comfortable, trumps my right to talk, then I don’t get to talk. Ever. Because I’m going to say things. If I’m actually talking, I’m going to say things. If they’re, if they’re profound things, if they’re contentious, things are truthful things, I’m going to say things that if they don’t disturb you are going to disturb you and if they don’t disturb you, if there’s someone that’s going to be disturbed about them, so what’s the answer to that? Everyone can be comfortable in the silence. But that doesn’t also doesn’t work because then we can’t exchange ideas. We’re not comfortable in the silence. We’re isolated and dead in the silence, so it’s a completely incoherent perspective.

Dave Rubin: 00:20:00 But what does that tell you about just the way the mainstream media operates?”

Michael Vasquez: 00:20:05 Now, I played that because I think it’s very important. It gives a context because there is a big move for comfort then that’s true with politicians in anyone else throughout the nation and I believe that many politicians want to be comfortable. They will prefer a silence. They prefer not to hear from their constituents. They would prefer to be able to do whatever they want. They would want, they don’t want to be questioned and I know that it’s not comfortable to do that. Sometimes you don’t want to answer the tough questions. I know I’ve been a candidate for Congress myself. I’ve spoken to many, many politicians. It’s hard to ask the tough question. It’s hard to answer the tough question. But it’s also very important because if we don’t, as Mr Peterson mentioned, then you get the silence of the death. You know, that makes us dead inside.

Michael Vasquez: 00:20:59 It’s makes us dead politically and personally. It leaves us in a void and there is no freedom. There is no growth from that. So it’s always very important and if you can’t, and that’s where apathy, the voter apathy comes from when we can’t get those answers, when no one’s asking the questions and politicians are left on our own. That’s where the corruption in New York State comes from. Now I say all of that because I did make Mr Brindisi, who I’ve known for five years now and I’ve spoken with him, we’ve, I’ve done reviews and reports on him as well as podcasts on his career and his record. So what you’re going to hear next is me asking him a question and it’s not necessarily comfortable, but it is important. I want you to hear what he has to say. Please pay attention to not only my question, but what is he actually saying versus my question. I’m going to go over that with you in a second, but for right now we’re going to go and you’re going to hear the news flash and then you’re going to hear right after that my question and then Anthony Brindisi answering at the VFW Post 1645 in Binghamton, New York on May 21st.

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A. Brindisi: 00:22:28 “Thanks for coming out. The floor is yours. Michael…

Michael Vasquez: 00:22:38 Assemblyman Brindisi. It’s always good to hear from you on. I’m glad to have this opportunity to speak with you. I know trust and also character or very big things for any candidate in any election and because of that, I have a question for you in reference to the ongoing scandal that’s been going on in the Utica area for the last five months. Which involves you $300,000,000 for a hospital. Emails that were only revealed to the public by a Freedom of Information Act and the impending and proposed, removal, actually eminent domain, denying your constituents the opportunity to have their homes. They are going to be taken away. You’ve been identified as being central in this, having, especially in your emails – and as you mentioned, you’re talking about how people, how you work and anyone should to work together – and yet in your emails on the FOIA, you identify how you’re shutting down the voices of your constituents in the same scandal. Can you discuss that a bit?

A. Brindisi: 00:23:42 I’ll do my best. I’m not sure how many people in the Binghamton area care about a Utica hospital, but I’ll go through that real quick because Michael brought it up here. So the State was able to provide $300,000,000 to build a new healthcare facility in the city of Utica. I worked with our colleague, my colleague, Senator Griffo, who is a republican to help secure that money. Utica has two aging hospitals and we’re consolidating them into one health care facility. It’s going to be going into the downtown region of Utica. Uh, there are many benefits to having this new facility by having one campus for a hospital, uh, having a all treatment under one roof and frankly, a Utica has been trying to work towards getting into hospital for a long time. So I’m very pleased to be able to help secure that money. Uh, the area of the city, this is that it’s going to, as an area of town that has been neglected for many, many years.

A. Brindisi: 00:24:30 Uh, there’s a lot of blight in their area, a lot of city owned properties, uh, that, uh, have not been able to be brought back onto the tax rolls and like many new healthcare facilities, uh, in downtown areas. This one is expected to create more jobs, more retail, more apartments and things like that in the surrounding community. Um, obviously with any project and any change, there’s going to be people who are against the project and there are people who are against a hospital going downtown. But I’m very proud that we secured this money. I’m working with our, our, our hospital system because I want to make sure that when this building is constructed, that those jobs are union jobs, that we have a project labor agreement on this project.
Anthony Brindisi

A. Brindisi: 00:25:20 Want to make sure that this hospital is built by local workers. We union workers. I was very instrumental when I was back on the school board and the city of Utica. We had $180 million dollar construction project and I was one who helped negotiate a project labor agreement. And I can tell you that that has been a great success. We have on time, on budget and using 100 percent local workforces, which I want to see on this construction project, which is at its height, is going to create a thousand construction jobs for, for, for all of your New York State. It’s not gonna. We’re not gonna have enough in our area too to be able to fill this role. So we’re going to be importing some folks from the Southern Tier to come up and help build that hospital and we need these good paying jobs.”

Michael Vasquez: 00:26:05 All right folks. So you got to hear exactly what was said both by Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and by myself. And I want to go over that a little bit just very briefly because again, just as Jordan Peterson had mentioned, it’s uncomfortable. I get that. I can understand that Assemblyman Brindisi prefers the comfort zone that he wants and to not have the question and to have a silence which will result in the political death for the area. But here’s what we were talking about because my question was very specific and I was asking about this, how, how do we have trust in a politician that has done something that’s, that seems to be untrustworthy and he didn’t go into it. He didn’t answer this at all. Why? Because remember I mentioned this FOIA. There was actually a FOIA. See… let me start even further. Recent Zogby poll shows that actually 37 percent of the population in Utica don’t want this hospital.

Michael Vasquez: 00:27:09 So it’s not just some people, it’s fully a third of all the population. Only 29 percent actually are looking at having this. They’re only, they’re interested in it. So 37% of the population, the majority of all those polled say they don’t want it and there is a supreme opposition to this. That opposition is because this deal was set up without talking to the public at all. No one was informed of this. It’s a big deal, and I’ve gone into this in some detail in a prior podcast, but that’s what the FOIA are so important about the freedom of information act emails that detail exactly what was said. It was a backroom deal. Kind of what like what Governor Cuomo has done. Kind of like how the Obamacare was passed. It was a back room deal just between Anthony Brindisi, Anthony Picenti – the County Executive of Oneida County, Scott [Perra of MVHS].

Michael Vasquez: 00:28:11 Oh, it’s in my prior. Oh, I, I don’t remember his name – in charge of the MVHC – which is the Mohawk Valley Health [correction – System]. They… about four or five men, got together, made a deal amongst themselves, about creating the hospital, and putting the hospital in downtown Utica, in this location where the public doesn’t want it. And they’d made that deal while telling the public, at the exact same time – and I will link the article where I show the timeline of this – they’re talking amongst themselves about how they’re going to get this done. The public is being told, ‘well, no, no, we’re, we’re going to get public input. We want your questions. We want to talk to you about it’, even though they had solidified it, They then went further, with Ray Meier’s help and Senator Griffo – who was told what to do. He wasn’t asked, he wasn’t invited in this, he wasn’t involved in the emails.

Michael Vasquez: 00:29:11 He was told according to Anthony Picenti and also Anthony Brindisi, that they would tell Griffo what he needed to do. So that’s not quite the same picture in this. And then he [Brindisi] goes on in his emails to shut down any public questions. Again, he’s creating silence. He wants his comfort of not having a question and not having to answer to any of his constituents. That’s what his email says. The FOIA emails are available publicly. You can look this all up. I’m not making anything up. I have written articles about it. I have articles. You can see the Oneida Dispatch, you can see WRVO and WUTQ have had extensive coverage on this Utica hospital scandal which has been going on since January of 2018. The scandal has continued and it is ongoing. So we’re about to hit month six of this. So, I find that very interesting and I also find it very interesting that for someone who wants to be a Congressman of the New York 22nd District – that is two and a half hours north to south, an hour and a half east to west – he doesn’t believe that people should know about what’s happening in Utica because they in the Southern Tier. So just because we’re in a different part of his district that he hopes to be able to represent, to go to Congress for, he only wants people in Utica to know about certain things and people in Binghamton and Broome County to know about certain things.

Michael Vasquez: 00:30:45 People in Cortland won’t know about any of that and the people in Norwich won’t know about it. He doesn’t want people to know, all of the people to know what’s actually going on. He’s giving them all different answers, perhaps, because at what other reason would there be to not tell people about what’s going on in Utica? What’s the reason not to tell people and Utica about what’s going on in Binghamton. We’re in Cortland or in Norwich. Why is it separated? Why is he not telling everyone? He’s [Brindisi] not giving everyone the full story and he’s already on record in his own emails, in his own words, how he wants to shut down people talking. Otherwise he won’t get what he wants. That’s what his emails say. His words, not mine. That’s what he says in his emails, that he wants to shut down the opposition.

Michael Vasquez: 00:31:37 Otherwise it’ll kill the deal and he wants to deal to go forward. So that’s very important because I want you to have a full context and you can look us up. As I said, Oneida Dispatch, excuse me, the Observer Dispatch, WRVO, WUTQ have extensive research on this as well as an article that I’ve written on it with the actual FOIA documents so you can look that up. So I don’t believe he was being very honest there and I don’t. I know for a fact and that’s why I said he didn’t answer the question, especially when he promised the jobs to the union workers. For every union worker out there, please keep in mind this is two to three years away. The hospital is still in the discussion about the eminent domain taking away homes from individuals and businesses in that blighted area he talked about, that they don’t want to leave. They built, they have rebuilt that area. They say they want to stay there including a charity that he is going to be kicking out against their will. They say they won’t sell. Eminent domain means that they have to take it away from them and he supports that. I don’t know if you do. That’s a different question, but you can look this up so he’s not being very clear and very honest. That on this project, which would take two to three years before anyone in the Southern Tier might get a job, so everyone who, all of those union workers who were saying Yay, and he’s saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to get you some of these thousand jobs’. That’s something else I’m going to get into, but for those thousand jobs that he’s promising that people are going to be able to get: One –

Michael Vasquez: 00:33:13 He didn’t say how many people are going to get them in the Southern Tier two. He didn’t tell anyone. That’s three years from now, so I hope if you’re waiting for the job and you’re a union that you can wait three years for the opportunity to go up there. And he didn’t say how many people, so it can be 20 people, it can be 50 people, it could be five people and he’d be able to say, well, I lived up to my word. It’s the details that make a difference. It’s the details and the questions that we need to ask. Because it’s very important to know how this works. Because he answered parts of the question and he made a promise about a part of what’s going on, but he didn’t get the details and the details make a difference. But I did ask him another question.


Michael Vasquez: 00:33:58 I did ask another question of Anthony Brindisi and what I’m going to do is once again, I’m going to do my little newsflash because I love that and then what you’re going to hear is the second question I asked that night. It happened to be the second to last question of the evening. Once again, it’s based on his record, his public words and annoucements to everyone. I’m going to play it and then I’m going to make a note. I’m going to go over it with you and then you can make up your own mind on that, but if you’ll hold on one second, we’re going to listen to exactly what was said by Anthony Brindisi to my question on May 21st in Binghamton, New York at the VFW 1645.

Sound Effect: 00:33:58 [News Flash Sound Effect]

A. Brindisi: 00:33:58 “Michael, Ms. Tenney’s big supporter here.

Michael Vasquez: 00:33:58 Actually I’m an independent person.

A. Brindisi: 00:33:58 Okay.

Michael Vasquez: 00:34:56 Well, if you can convince me of a reason to vote for you, then I would. I’ve taken on Republicans and Democrats alike.

A. Brindisi: 00:34:56 We will see when I listen to you on Bob Joseph next week.

Michael Vasquez: 00:35:05 You probably hear me tomorrow. But more importantly, we’ve heard a lot of people talking about jobs and it’s been mentioned several times here tonight. We’ve heard a lot of people promise jobs before. Hillary Clinton promised 300,000 jobs. We lost 30,000.

A. Brindisi: 00:35:05 I’m not promising jobs.

Michael Vasquez: 00:35:25 Nope. What? And I know that many politicians do that, didn’t say you, but you did promise that if we were to allow you to, along with several other representatives, in the Griffiss International Airport to create a Drone Testing Site – you yourself said in 2013, you promised that we will be generating roughly 2000 jobs for that area and that it would bring in for New York State $70,000,000…
Predator drone

A. Brindisi: 00:35:25 I don’t know if I said that, but go ahead.

Michael Vasquez: 00:35:52 Actually you did. I can get you the article if you like. It was 468 to 2000 jobs you said and given range of in three interviews and you also said they were bringing in roughly about $70,000,000 in tax revenue. And that’s what this point it has not done that it actually has cost taxpayers in New York State $21,000,000 per person. We now find, just last week, that we had failed to receive a government program, which you are now appealing along with Anthony Picente I understand that. But that has been a failure. So I have. I asked you what concrete plan do you have that we can hold you accountable to if you were to be elected? And more importantly, so that we can judge whether or not you have a good plan.

A. Brindisi: 00:36:38 Sure. I don’t think the people in Rome New York would say that project has been a failure. I encourage you to go talk to

Michael Vasquez: 00:36:38 How many jobs were created?

A. Brindisi: 00:36:44 I really encouraged me to go talk to the Mayor of Rome. I would encourage you to go talk to the officials there.

Michael Vasquez: 00:36:44 I have.

A. Brindisi: 00:36:51 People who have businesses there on the particular test site. We were actually very fortunate here in New York State. People don’t realize this. We are one of seven FAA approved up enrollment on a county, a drone test sites for commercial purposes. So essentially, uh, companies like Amazon or government agencies, agencies like NASA or smaller companies who are looking at going into the, call it unmanned aerial vehicles. They don’t like what they call it, drones, uh, but who are looking to commercialize that technology and be the next to be able to get new products and testing online. They’re doing all that testing.

A. Brindisi: 00:37:31 We formed a partnership with Syracuse all the way to the Griffith Business Park in Rome for a drone corridor. And essentially what happens is all these unmanned aerial vehicles are able to be tested there and then companies who are interested in doing more research will come there and locate. We just had a one company who was in the agricultural industry who has relocated there who is interested in drones because they use the drones for detecting pesticides in the field. You know, instead of the pesticide getting out of control and then you have to spray the whole field which is not good for the fruit or vegetable or the environment. What happens is these drones are able to detect the pesticide, say in a small port portion of the field, and then they can target the pesticide there to kill whatever insect is trying to invade the field. That’s one use of these drones.

A. Brindisi: 00:38:23 Amazon has talked about using them for package delivery. NASA has just signed an agreement with test site up there to do research. Other companies use it for a surveying. Many state agencies are using it for protection of structures like bridges and things like that. To determine if they’re a compromise. So there’s many, many industries. This is one of those new industries and New York has made an investment in and for good reason because we want to see more growth and more and more people are looking to use these kinds of, and companies, are looking to use the UAV industry help grow their business. And this is a good thing for the State. So I’ll never apologize, Michael, for supporting it and you should ask Ms. Tenney this question.

Michael Vasquez: 00:38:23 How many jobs were created?

A. Brindisi: 00:39:07 You should ask Ms Tenney the same question because she’s also was touting how she was supportive of the industry recently during an announcement.

Michael Vasquez: 00:39:14 I will ask her that, but I mentioned…

A. Brindisi: 00:39:17 When she does a town hall make sure you ask her.

Michael Vasquez: 00:39:17 I know…[cut off by crowd noise] …I will ask her this. But you didn’t answer my question.”

Michael Vasquez: 00:39:38 Hello folks. We just listened to Anthony Brindisi and let me start off with first, and I go back to Jordan Peterson and the comfort. Obviously Anthony
Brindisi was not comfortable in answering a question about his record. Because he started off, actually he’s just not comfortable because before I could even ask a question, he had already started to attack me. He’s already trying to mold the question. Now, I am a constituent. Yes. I’m a political content. I am a political commentator. Have been for over a decade. Yes. I’ve known him for five years. Yes. We don’t agree with each other very often on the issues or his record and his success rate. That’s besides the point. I say that with full disclosure, I’ve many articles about many issues, but on this issue, this is his record. This is his promise. By the way, Mr. Brindisi is asking about when did he do this?

Michael Vasquez: 00:40:35 You can actually go to my website, MVASS.com. You can look at the July 2015 letter that I sent, him that he never responded to, speaking about this issue and exactly his quote and exactly the promise he made about the jobs that we’re going to be created by this drone test site. So he already has the information. He says he doesn’t know any articles, which is a convenient answer since he was just speaking about this issue and all the jobs that it was going to be creating. For a man who doesn’t know what he said, he seems to know a lot about this issue. That’s something that’s very interesting and it’s very telling, listened to it, you know, go back and play it over if you want to. He’s talking about NASA, he’s talking about Amazon and their agreements, their partnerships.

Michael Vasquez: 00:41:29 He didn’t mention a job. They’re using the facilities, but just like I’m renting a car doesn’t mean I own the car. The car is still owned by Avis or Hertz. It’s not owned by me, but I’m using it and can I make some money off of that? Absolutely. Now a question would be, well, how much money? Notice he didn’t mention how much money is being generated by this facility. He promised $70,000,000. Let’s say it’s even half that, $35,000,000. He didn’t mention how much money is generating. It would appear to be less than that. He wouldn’t mention how many jobs were created and if they’re only renting or using the space. Well that’s not a job created. It’s not. And it’s very telling that he’s saying there are jobs created. I know for a fact, as I have written about in 2014, 2015, 2016, the last written I also checked with, and these are reports and I have FOIA documents on this from the Department of Transportation from New York, the city of Rome as well as new error, a NUAIR [Alliance], which is the corporation that owns the site and runs that as well as the FAA asking them how many jobs have actually been created, how much revenue has actually been created.

Michael Vasquez: 00:42:50 And the only answer I have been able to determine is that there were 11 jobs created. I also know that there have been other news media [Wall Street Journal] who have reported on this and they have reported that it costs $256 million dollars, plus because that was in 2016, that we have spent taxpayer dollars, $256 million dollars, which for 11 jobs works out to $23,000,000 per job. So if this facility were to be at this moment making $35 million dollars, even if it was $20,000,000, it would take 11 years for it to pay back – consistently, if we consistently are getting $20,000,000 in revenue, which from the number of companies he mentioned, we’re not. But let’s assume that every single one of those businesses are spending four or $5,000,000 a piece every year and that they’re going to use this facility for the next decade. We would only break even, which does not mean that New York State makes the revenue.

Michael Vasquez: 00:44:00 It still misses the revenue that he’s promised and it’s still misses the jobs he promised. So his being very facetious and very arrogant seems to be very much misplaced. So either he knows the number and doesn’t want to tell the public that he’s asking for his vote, what, how many jobs were created, which means he failed. And he doesn’t want people to know that or he doesn’t know what the number is, which means he’s not paying attention to things that he himself did. If he’s creating jobs, you would think you would pay attention to it. Since that was his Bill that helped fund this, that it was his work, his efforts to get this done that he wants to take the credit for. It was his duty to know what’s going on there and he just let it go. That’s the other option. He let it go.

Michael Vasquez: 00:44:51 It doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t care because it’s already been done. He already got the credit for it. He already got the newspaper ads for, headlines for it. Excuse me. He already got the votes for it so it doesn’t matter anymore whether it’s successful or not. Those are the two options: he knows and doesn’t want to tell you because he failed, or, it’s success of some degree and he just doesn’t want to tell them he doesn’t know because he doesn’t care. That’s the only two options I can see and yet he’s being very arrogant and he’s being very duplicitous because he doesn’t say anything to anyone. Kind of like with the Utica hospital where he’s promising unions in the Southern Tier that they’re going to get jobs. He doesn’t tell anyone when those jobs will come, which would be two to three years.

Michael Vasquez: 00:45:38 He doesn’t tell anyone how many people would be employed, which could be five. He doesn’t say that. These are important things because it sounds really good. You feel really comfortable when he said, ‘oh, this has got, you know, Amazon great big name. Yes, NASA. Great big name.’ But he didn’t answer the question. He distracted from the question. And he did so in a very arrogant way. Then he turned around the question when he was asked again over and over repeatedly how many jobs were created? He said, oh no, no, that doesn’t matter. He didn’t even answer that. He ignored it. He doesn’t want to answer that, or he doesn’t know the answer to that. He says, well, why don’t you go and ask people? I have FOIA documents and I’ve sent the letter to him with the FOIA documents and I’ve made public the articles about this years ago, so he has this.

Michael Vasquez: 00:46:33 He’s had access. He just didn’t care. It wasn’t important to him and I think that’s a very big thing. That makes a very big difference. So that’s kind of important. When you take that into account, and I know this is something that he’s remembered because quite honestly, after following it in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, not seeing any growth, not seeing the revenue, not seeing any of the promises being matched. I got tired. I’ve been following other things. I, I have a life too and there’s a lot of issues that are going on in this nation that I cover as you know. So I have forgotten about it for a little bit until there was the article that just came out. It was covered by the observer dispatch the newspaper in the Utica area that I mentioned before, and on May 15th we found out that the NUAIR test facility, the drone testing site at Griffiss International Airport, failed to get a federal program that would allow it to grow and continue just as as it was promised that we will be.

Drone testing

Michael Vasquez: 00:47:40 Because we’re one of the seven test sites. We will be able to get this federal program, pilot program, about the drones and really ramp up the business. In fact Griffiss international airport was declined by the federal government. I know this because he [Anthony Brindisi] wrote a letter that he provided to the observed dispatch, talking glowingly about how well this site is going, even though the government just said it isn’t going well, and they declined to involve the Griffis International Airport. That’s when I mentioned that he wrote a letter to the that he wrote a letter about this with Anthony Picente – who’s the accounting executive there. That was again on May 15th, 2018 in the observer dispatch. The title of that is the “Brindisi Picente Why was drone proposal passed over?” So this is something that he knows. It’s on his mind. On top of that, I also asked them about this in Norwich, New York back in April 25th.

Michael Vasquez: 00:48:49 So before the federal government came out with an answer, I asked him this in-person in Norwich about this, and he didn’t have an answer. This came out in the observer, dispatch on May 15th. On May 22nd, I asked him about it. He obviously had researched it because he wrote a letter about it, so I’m left with the answer that he knows the answer. He just doesn’t want voters to know the answer and he won’t tell anyone. Now, you may think that’s not important. The fact that he’s arrogant about this may not be important. You may think that the fact that he doesn’t want to tell voters what’s going on is not important. And you may think that this is a promise kept even though we don’t know anything about it and he won’t reveal any details about it. That’s for you. I don’t agree. I find it very troubling. That’s why I want to bring it to you and you get to hear his words exactly what he said. I’d show you video of how angry he was at the time, when he was speaking to me, and how he was turning red a face and there are witnesses to this.

Michael Vasquez: 00:49:54 Obviously a roomful of people actually, when this was going on. But since I was denied the opportunity to tape, I couldn’t do that and luckily someone else did, was able to provide me with audio because they thought it would be interesting. So I want it to provide that to you. But there is still one last thing, which is one last conversation I had about all this and I’m going to get to that in just a moment. Instead we’re going to take a break and then we’ll come back because it’s interesting to see how the rest of the media reacted to this. Because you weren’t the first ones that, sadly you weren’t the first ones. I brought this to. I brought this to WNBF and I talked about this because voters need to know. Everything I’ve just told you, shorter form, and tell everybody this on the news radio. I’ll tell you exactly how that went when we come back from our break in just a moment.

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