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@nd Amendment - then and now

On any given day, the majority of Americans don’t think about the Constitution nor the Amendments. Americans live their lives, raise families, and work hard. The fact that the Constitution, and the Amendments are the cornerstone of the freedom, quality of life, and opportunity every American citizen enjoys is so inherent and absolute that it is ignored. But there are some that are very focused on this cornerstone. In fact some seek to abuse, weaken, and repeal it with goals ranging from the political to the naive.

Regardless of the reason, modern attempts to transform the nation have been ongoing for decades. This is perhaps the most readily visible when it comes to the Second Amendment – a hot button issue going back to the very beginning of our nation. Attacks on this core absolute Right are most visible and most harsh after moments when the nation is most emotionally vulnerable; but that is not the only time it has been under attack.

In cities like Chicago, Baltimore and New York City, in States like California, Connecticut, and Washington, and in the halls of Congress there is a constant onslaught against the 2nd Amendment. It is a movement so steady and pervasive that today it is a constant on social media and an integral part of lessons for children from Pre-school through higher education. Yet, while Ordinances like that in Deerfield, or legislation like NY SAFE Act, and proposed Bills like HR 5087 and plans to propose Bills that will restrict who can avail themselves of 2nd Amendment Rights and when, are all very public and promoted there is near silence on consequences or objection.

Senator Ted Cruz: “Mr. Zuckerberg, I will say there are a great many Americans, who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship. There have been numerous instances with Facebook…”

National media and social media have long promoted restrictions by law and by function, even as they ignored and minimized attention to teachers that were administratively punished for not conforming to the organized political action of minors. Media has looked past expressions of 1st Amendment protest of nationally organized mobilization of minors to gain partisan political agendas. Perhaps even more troubling, media in all forms, have neutered attention and public discussion of local and State initiatives that deny freedom from law abiding citizens.

Consistently, rank-and-file members of Democrat Party [the largest source of support for restrictive legislation], generally excluding the Far-Left wings like Citizen Action and Antifa among numerous groups of various names commonly comprised of the same people and ideology, state that the above concerns and observations are overstated. A common response on social media is that, “No one is coming for your guns.

Yet while it is true there are few calls to repeal the 2nd Amendment, that is not the same as none. Consider that though the call for total repeal is a minority among the minority that seek to restrict freedom, the voices include a former Supreme Court Justice. The weight of this singular individual, on our judicial and authoritative systems, is nearly immeasurable in terms of how interpretation of not only the 2nd Amendment but also restrictions is applied.

Add to this the step by step approach being employed. The scientific and empirical attributes of firearms have been infamously misrepresented to such an extent that renown authorities, including Merriam-Webster, have changed the definition to accommodate the political messaging created in California in 1986. States have adopted policies that have proven (per FBI Crime in USA and other sources) to fail in providing enhanced safety to the public in exchange to reduced freedom. Then there are the “red flag” laws.

Red flag laws, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Order or “ERPO” or Gun Violence Restraining Orders”, are a new and growing trend of laws, squarely centered in an plea to sate the desire to “do something”, without the effective substance of doing the correct thing. These laws strip the public of due process, as notification and the ability to challenge accusers is denied the public, an essential and critical core of the judicial system of the nation. These laws further deny American citizens their cornerstone Rights. Affecting both the Second Amendment and also the Fourth Amendment – as these legislations allow authorities to seize private property via invasion of private homes. In addition, these laws withhold private personal property to the care and command of the Government, which is troubling in that the property in question is the very means by which the public is entrusted and imbued the obligation to protect themselves from governmental abuse.

Of course these rarely discussed and publicly unknown laws and Bills are defended with the mantra that this is “for the public good”, a reasoning used to excuse some of the worst atrocities known to mankind. In fact, some good has been done via these laws in specific cases. But the fact that a bad law can occasionally have a positive effect neither eliminates nor justifies the negative impact and consequences. Nor does such laws replace or enhance common sense and individual responsibility.

Case in point is the example of John Laubscher, of Madison County, who potentially prevented an instance of mass shooting. The NY SAFE Act did not protect the community – as the accused had the ability to acquire legal firearms. The Obama Executive Orders, HR 5087, Deerfield ordinances, and every aspect of gun control offered by those seeking to strip Rights from Americans failed to even draw attention to this suspect. Even the aggressive and intrusive “red flag” bill passed by the NY Assembly and being considered by the NY State Senate was utterly useless to provide protection in exchange for safety – as all these restriction promise if passed.

If the community in Syracuse had only the reliance on the promise of safety, only the illusion of partisan politics, only the subservience to government to take action, then an unquantifiable number of innocents could have been harmed. Like in Parkland Florida, government failed in the face of a concerted effort of a possibly deranged and criminal individual on a quest to cause harm. Instead, it was an awareness of community and the insight of a concerned and responsible firearm owner and dealer that saved lives. Which may be well why national and local media pushed past the news with a minimum of attention.

So in review, while a highly influential minority within a vocal minority seek to outright eliminate a cornerstone of American absolute Rights, no one law is in place at this time to “take our guns.” The key is at this time. But given the intrusion on personal lives, the range of restrictions with no credible basis, the denial of defense, and the near propaganda levels of media promotion, how long will “at this time” remain the answer?

Does it even matter when the final firearm is denied the public? If an ever expanding list of firearms is banned, or arbitrarily seized, or ownership is criminalized, isn’t that the effective equivalent of outright seizure? Worse, the Right is being seized – and if one Right can be taken, then all Rights can. Especially when the first Right to go is the very one defending all other Rights.

Food for your mind to feast on.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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