American Way Foundation visits SUNY Broome – exclusive video of event

Michael Vass and Paul Tarnawskin (left to right)
Photo by Krista Woodward

** Update – Since article and video were published there has been a change in name of the organization. We have corrected to reflect this change. **

March 16, 2018 – Binghamton, NY – All too often in the Southern Tier, when events happen at a college the assumption is that it is happening at Binghamton University. But this was not the case when it came to the public forum by Paul Tarnawski. He was invited to present a discussion to the Broome County residents and students of SUNY Broome Community College – commonly called SUNY Broome. The invitation was made by the SUNY Broome Republicans Club.

What is GrowPac exactly? [Update, the name of the organization is now American Way Foundation or AWF] By definition, it is a Political Action Committee (or PAC). An organization that is independent of any political organization or candidate, and promotes specific issues and/or policy. In this case it targets economic policy, international trade, education and labor. It addresses these concerns with conversations to students and millenials via speakers such as Larry Kudlow, Doug Schoen, Stephen Moore, and Peter Georgescu, Dick Morris, and Steve Forbes. Of note is that Larry Kudlow had been a featured speaker several times in the past several months prior to being picked by President Trump to become Director of the National Economic Council.

Executive Director of GrowPAC AWF, Paul Tarnawski, is also one of the keynote speakers. He has appeared on C-Span, as well as at several colleges in Texas, Florida, and Rutgers University in New Jersey. He was the guest of the SUNY Broome event, speaking to the assembled mix of students and interested members of the community along with moderator Michael “Vass” Vasquez of M V Consulting Inc (which owns this site and the NO Soundbites Allowed podcast).

Exclusive video of the entire event can be seen here. Topics that were covered include the Trump Administration economic policy and its impact thus far; the expected impact of the Steel tariff short and long term; the issues facing Republican candidates in New York State and across the country; and other personal experiences as a young Republican.

Mr. Tarnawski shared some of his insight on economic policy as he stated, in part,

“Free markets work when people are playing by the rules. You guys, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, have gotten screwed by these trade deals that have been created by economists. Created by these academic economists, in DC; do you think those economists understand the problems of everyday blue-collar workers in Janesville Wisconsin? I don’t think they do. I also don’t think they have the right experience.”

SUNY Broome Republican Club is a student-run organization on the campus of SUNY Broome, started in 2017. The club was created to provide Republican and Conservative minded students – or those curious about this political preference – an opportunity to gather and discuss the issues of the day without the peer pressure that can occur at some liberal institutions. The organization also volunteers in several civic events in the community. For more information on the SUNY Broome Republicans, please visit their Facebook page – SUNY Broome Republicans.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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