Ever wonder who is behind March For Our Lives, or which State just broke the law with an illegal first?

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Did you ever wonder who is organizing March For Our Lives and why? We found part of the answer. Then we discuss the latest actions in the Sanctuary State. We cap it all off with the non-revelation of how some will complain and argue without ever knowing the laws and issues they are fighting against.






** Latest update – as written on Facebook on 3/16/18

I asked a question yesterday, and did a podcast at NO Soundbites Allowed, about what happened to the kids that did not agree with the “student-led protest” that got so much national media. Quietly, with far less attention news stories are appearing across the nation on the answer to that question.

I believe it shows, as we learn more and more, that this was never about students but the political agenda of those behind organizing the students – like whomever built and controls the political 501(c)4 that is March For Our Lives. Children are being used, you can even say bullied via Social Media and peer pressure, to promote a political agenda by emotional ploys. This is despicable.

Serious questions should be asked about using kids in this manner. Those behind the 501(c)4 that is MarchForOurLives should be revealed – as any organization that affects and uses children should be transparent. This isn’t freedom or free expression when students are mandated to attend and punished for the courage to express a true opinion.


** I also want to note that its of particular interest that each time I have written a post about this national “protest” FACEBOOK has asked if I want to have a donation button added to the posts. In all my years on Facebook, with likely thousands of political issues discussed, I have never before had the system request I push a donation for the issue discussed. Not for Veterans, or Homelessness, or lower taxes, or any 2nd Amendment issue, ect. Again, an example of Social Media pushing an agenda, using kids, for the benefit of a particular partisan political outcome. This is reprehensible. **


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