In his own words: Candidate Anthony Brindisi threatens constituents for asking questions

Because the character of any candidate seeking election is critical to the quality of life of the public and the enforcement of law, we share the unedited words of Assemblyman and NY-22 candidate Anthony Brindisi that he spoke on WUTQ – as he makes an unsolicited threat against his constituents. We are also sharing the unedited on-air reaction to this threat. The public deserves to know, please share this and make up your own mind.




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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

3 Comments on "In his own words: Candidate Anthony Brindisi threatens constituents for asking questions"

  1. Elizabeth Briggs | February 7, 2018 at 1:53 pm |

    You are aware that this narrative is fed by Reclaim, NY, the alt right Mercer organization that is ‘helping’ the No Hospital Downtown people via their tactics, and that this is a key congressional seat that the Alt Right wants to protect?

  2. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for the comment.

    First, the audio is from WUTQ. It is unedited. This can be verified at WUTQ’s site, which is linked, and any listener at the time these comments were made live. It is indisputable.

    There are many people, groups, and political organizations involved in this matter, on both sides. It could equally be stated that the Democrats, Far Left, and the political interests of the Dem leadership of NY – Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Schumer (who along with Rep. Nancy Pelosi greenlit Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi run for NY-22), are all dedicated to ensuring the Utica Hospital project moves forward. That said, it does not change the facts of this – regardless of either side of the politics.

    It was Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, unprovoked and of his own accord, who uttered the threat about the $300 million. Funds that were documented and proven in FOIA as being “bulletproofed” and thus unable to be removed or applied to any other project. The threat by candidate Brindisi was confirmed, by himself, as baseless and without merit. When asked he verified there is NO reason to believe or infer that any change is on the foreseeable horizon – yet he insisted that the funds will go away, the project would end, and the public would suffer solely if public questions continued.

    Again, this is indisputable.

    But let me address the unspoken but implied question, that making the public aware of the verbatim statements made as a threat by candidate Brindisi is a political action. The public deserves to know what is happening, and elected politicians are obligated to inform constituents. Elected officials, of ALL parties, are servants of the public. But servants to the public, obligated and sworn to act in the best interest and will of constituents, should NEVER threaten that public and those constituents. When such an elected official acts in this manner (as Assemblyman and candidate Anthony Brindiisi has done), the news media and political commentators (like myself and others) MUST make the public aware via the formats and distribution channels we have. This is true no matter what political affiliation the elected official has or the side of the fence that news/commentary speaks from.

    In my more than a decade of political commentary, I have informed and addressed the failures of elected officials and politicos of all Parties. Its why I refer to myself as the “dragon of the Southern Tier”, and why politicians and their staff in 8 counties know my name (and most my face). I will give credit where it is due, to anyone it is due. I will take to task anyone who fails the public – when they fail.

    I don’t make up facts, for anyone, and my commentary is always based on facts. I have never had a candidate nor elected official, of any Party, claim I have ever misquoted them or misstated facts about them or their record (though to be fair not all enjoy the conclusions I come to based on those facts). I have never received a dime from any candidate or political organization. I am beholden to no Party nor business, and publish based on my own research and guidelines. Thus I am not loved among any Party, but I am respected (even among most of those that disagree or are revealed to have failed the public).

    So to the unspoken question about my political motivation, NO this is not a politic hit. It is a FACT. A fact that I have shared with those in and outside of Oneida County, as it may well affect them. Because the character of any candidate should be known, or at least available to all voters. Whether voters agree with my conclusions is up to them. I don’t ask anyone to vote for or against this candidate. But I do ask if such actions as threatening the public to ensure silence and enable backroom dealings is the kind of candidate people in the NY-22 think deserves to represent them.


    Michael “Vass” Vasquez – President, M V Consulting, Inc.

  3. I wonder why Elizabeth Briggs seems inclined to “shoot the messenger”, rather than act upon the news? Since it can’t be ignorance, I guess it is a tacit acceptance of unacceptable behavior, or at best an attempt at diversion.

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