What reason do we have today to want Oprah to run?

Oprah for president?

Sunday, January 7, 2018, while I was addressing, via my NO Soundbites Allowed podcast, the push by Hollywood to inject Social Justice theory into modern blockbuster films I missed the next potential presidential candidate. Shame on me for following politics and not the Golden Globes. Who knew that’s where current politics is trending.

But it was during the Golden Globes that Hollywood, and by direct extension the Democrat Party, found a potential savior. It was the speech by Oprah Winfrey that did it. I haven’t heard that speech yet, but as a political commentator it seems I must. Since that speech there is a blaze of interest in Oprah becoming a democrat candidate for 2020 – I’m sure Govenor Andrew Cuomo is cursing up a storm.

Is she a serious candidate?

But without having heard the speech the question is why. Why should Oprah run? Why should anyone be swayed if she does?

That’s naturally followed by the questions of what. What qualities does Oprah have to make her a president? What does she stand for? What does she advocate? What is her vision of America.

Not long ago it would have been absurd to say that a single speech could make someone a potential candidate for president. But since Barack Obama that isn’t true. Dr. Ben Carson can attest to that as well. So, a single speech has put her on a path that reports are saying she would consider. Thus, let’s consider her.

What do we really know about Oprah Winfrey? She is a self-made billionaire. Impressive without question. But wealth is not an inherent attribute, nor is it supposed to be a factor in electing anyone. Given, every Party loves a candidate that can self-fund their run for office. But your bank account doesn’t make you a good person let alone politician.

Oprah is a CEO. This goes along with the wealth issue. But it also means that she has executive leadership skill. You don’t make or keep a billion dollars because you can’t lead. But a business is nothing like politics. A statement Democrats made when attacking Republican businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump. Still some executive office skill is better than none, as some recent presidents proved (though they were elected and won re-election too).

Oprah is Black. Once again not an inherent attribute. But given the current political climate many use it as a benefit. Let’s include the fact that Oprah is a woman, and apparently heterosexual. She hits on the Progressive checklist quite a few times. She encapsulates a grab bag of wish list must-haves for a Liberal candidate. As a bonus, she is seen publicly as a positive celebrity as well.

But of all these things, where is the politics? Well we know Oprah is generous – her talk show television show is noted for the giveaways. She opened 2 schools (has anyone asked how those schools are doing?), one outside of America. She is a proponent of higher taxes – though she has never voluntarily paid a dime to the IRS in excess of what her team of accountants determine she must pay. She has backed President Obama, and a few other Dems over the years. And of course, she has helped to mold Hollywood into the social advocacy group it is today.

Still, even as a female powerful CEO with massive amounts of clout in Hollywood, Oprah said nothing about Harvey Weinstein. A situation that she surely heard about, as all of Hollywood apparently knew. Nor did she speak of any other of the Hollywood and media sexual predators that the public has come to find were well known vultures. So how powerful is the maverick status of Oprah? It’s a question few dared ever ask, and one that must be answered by a candidate for president. Why maintain a silence on abuse of women if you are the answer so many are now leaping to?

But when I consider all of this, nothing makes me sure she could deal with Kim Jong Un, let alone Chancellor Angela Merkel. How would she address ISIS, a group that would kill her for being a woman without a veil let alone for every other reason mentioned prior. What is her solution to mass shootings – or just the rampant shootings in Chicago – given that she like most of the A-list of Hollywood maintain armed guards? And let’s not forget that the American economy can’t just give everyone in the nation a car (or dare we say healthcare) like a small audience in a television studio.

To be fair, and clear, these aren’t reasons to prevent Oprah from running for President. It’s just that it isn’t a given that she should. The public really knows nothing about her. The most obvious and well-known factors about her provide no insight to the potential as a political leader. In fact, the very things that make the Progressive Left salivate on the thought of Oprah as a candidate are meaningless.

Women have run before and lost. Being a woman does equate to success nor insurmountable quality. Successful businesswomen have run for office before and lost. Sex as I said before is not an intrinsic attribute required nor providing a greater benefit for any elected office. Yes, it will get some voters that believe categorizing candidates by checkboxes to vote. But that’s one of the worst reasons to select anyone for anything in my opinion.

Similarly, being Black may get the obligatory vote – much like the obligatory support lavished on President Obama based on his race. But that’s not only racist to say, it’s a truth that pollsters, pundits, and political Parties desperately count on. Still it portends nothing about the potential candidate besides a Social Justice checkbox.

It’s understandable that a media, and Hollywood, that despises the current president would be jubilant about a potential candidate from their own ranks. One can only expect a hype machine to be created on par with that of a Star Wars movie premiere. But with only the most superficial of information, grounded in the least important factors any candidate can have, that’s all it is right now – hype.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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