Claudia Tenney speaks at Southern Tier Tea Party event in downtown Binghamton NY

Binghamton, October 1, 2017 – It was a Sunday afternoon when Congresswoman Claudia Tenney entered the Binghamton Holiday Inn. A handful of protestors gathered outside the hotel to protest a private event held by the Southern Tier Tea Party (STTP). Just 3 of the less than a dozen protestors entered the event, paying the $5 cover fee charged by the STTP, to hear what was actually said by the Congresswoman. But this, like many details were not reported to the public by local media.

In fact the Press & Sun mischaracterized the event as advertised as a town hall – though the Facebook event page clearly stated,

“Southern Tier Tea Party & Claudia Tenney – Registration Req’d

The Southern Tier Tea Party cordially invites you to our event featuring special guest Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. Our respected Rep. Tenney, as a new member of the House of Representatives, will be updating us on her activities and responsibilities on various relative issues. This forum will also provide us a wonderful opportunity to interact with her and present pertinent questions for discussion.

Since this is a private event, to help cover the costs, there is a $5 per person entrance fee (cash only). You will receive a pre-registration number to be presented along with your ID, in order to enter the event … Doors open at 2:00pm. “

The STTP event, which was publicized for about a month beforehand on Facebook and open to the public providing that attendees registered and paid $5 at the door, drew a small crowd of about 40 residents of the Southern Tier. The guest speaker at the event, Congresswoman Tenney, spoke for more than the 2 hours planned for the event. A full range of topics were covered including: North Korea, healthcare, tax reform, bipartisanship, President Trumps obsession with Twitter, gun control, Puerto Rico aide, & more in a series of questions written and submitted by attendees at the event.

Congresswoman Tenney in Binghamton

In speaking about North Korea, Congresswoman Tenney detailed how China has now, for the first time, taken steps to place pressure on the rogue nuclear nation to help ensure a peaceful resolution. As she told the assembled residents and media,

“Obviously I’m worried about it. You never know what this guy is going to do. I don’t think he’s suicidal, but I do think he’s homicidal. I think he’s interested in power, but he does also know that he is in a vunerable position, especially if China sides more with us.”

But local media were far more fixated on soundbites and protests than updates about the issues the first-term Congresswoman is addressing in Washington D.C. An example is the coverage by Press & Sun reporter Hanna Schwarz, who focused on a statement about President Trump without context to sensationalize her coverage of the event.

Still the major issue on the minds of attendees at the event were focused on substantive issues. Like tax reform, which Congresswoman Tenney noted was still in discussion. A subject that she hopes to see addressed, though doubling the standard deduction allows for greater benefit under the current proposal. She mentioned that she hopes to better help middle-class business owners, especially in a high tax State like New York, bringing corporate taxes to 20% to allow businesses to better compete globally.

In addition talk about Obamacare (ACA) was a major subject. From the fact that though Graham-Cassidy was a Senate Bill, her office received a flood of requests for her to not to vote for the Bill. An impossiblity that was misreported by media and Democrats.

In particular was the fact that news media has omitted a key fact that all the negatives affecting millions across the country from this law are the original impact and intent of the law. Congresswoman Tenney stated that as no repeal has taken place, Republicans have not altered any part of the law. Addressing the status of Obamacare,

“What you are seeing now, everything that has to do with Obamacare is 100% because of Obamacare. We have not acted on the federal level. Anything that’s happening that’s negative of bad is coming from the State or from existing Obamacare, because we haven’t passed anything that effects the Obamacare legislation yet.”

One unique and unusual question posed was an appeal for a job. A young woman used the event to investigate if a position were available as her submitted question. Tenney informed those at the event that applications are being accepted for a potential opening. Congresswoman Tenney then described how she has tried to employ as much of her staff as possible from the NY-22.

Ultimately, the event was exactly what was advertised. A discussion on the activities of Congresswoman Tenney in Congress, including the 5 Bills sponsored to-date. How much of this update will reach the public is a question only editors of local media will know.

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