What’s been happening? Where have you been? Third quarter of 2017

This year has been a bit slow for us at M V Consulting, at least in the articles we have published directly at this political commentary blog. We have been busy on several Boards addressing local issues, seeking to improve the quality of life for residents of the City of Binghamton, Broome County, and the Southern Tier of New York. That is not to say that we haven’t been following news or making comment. We just have used more social media (Facebook and Twitter as examples) than articles here, but time to catch up some of the issues we have been following. Here are some of the thoughts and comments you may have missed us making:

July 2017:

July 5 & 6, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Anthony Brindisi at Citizen Action event in Binghamton, NY

Wow. Citizen Action hold “rally” at First Congregational Church, but same Church denies Fox40 News ability to show public where event taking place. If they are proud enough to allow event, why hide from public on where it happens? Yes I watch it happen live, seconds before reporter went on air…

Not just lower than promised, exponetially lower. 11 jobs actual versus the promised 1000 jobs Assemblyman Brindisi touted costing taxpayers $23 million per job as of April 2016. http://www.wicz.com/story/35820644/citizen-action-urges-tenney-to-declare-independence-from-gop-and-save-health-care?fb_action_ids=656845317849066&fb_action_types=og.comments

July 11, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Trump Jr Russia scandal

You know what I find interesting at the core of the Trump Jr/Russia news?

1) Alleged evidence of Clinton working with Russia (perhaps another smoking gun on Clinton Foundation? )
2) Other evidence of Dem Party fixing Primaries
3) Question, how did Russia get evidence (was it from dealing with Clinton Foundation or from the illegal private server holding classified info?)
4) If Russia, and other nations, had all this dirt on Clinton, why didn’t national news media find any of this? (Easy answer is they weren’t looking or didn’t want to publish for political reasons)

Ultimately, the main problem circles back to where it started – Clinton was a bad choice that violated US law and if elected would have been potentially in a worse position for blackmail than any trouble Trump is having from media and Dems now.

July 12, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Democrat Heath Phillips announces run for NY-22

So when you think about it, Professor Madden – who had 0 support – bowed out of NY-22 Dem race just as Assemblyman Brindisi embraced Citizen Action above and as a clear statement to mainstream rank and file Dems.

Heath Phillips of Cortland saw this for what it is, an attempt to hijack the Democrat Party by the radical left. His answer was to give Democrats a choice a bit less BLM/Socialist Communist and more civic, and civility, minded.

Am I saying Assemblyman Brindisi is a bad candidate? Can’t tell because all we really know is his support of radicals and a record of spending that makes the Obama Stimulus look stingy. But I can say, if he was considered a real choice of Dems, Phillips wouldn’t have jumped in on his heels.

July 31, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Response to Sen. Gillibrand Tweet on wage gap

Sexism and Corporate Greed sells news media and Hollywood tickets, but the danger is when politicians use it to beguile low information voters and gin up votes. Case in point is Sen Gillibrand using Black women. Why do people fall for this?

Kirsten Gillibrand‏Verified account @SenGillibrand Jul 31
At 63¢ to the dollar, black women face a more severe wage gap than women overall. That affects everyone. #BlackWomensEqualPay
107 replies 1,460 retweets 3,146 likes
Reply 107 Retweet 1.5K Like 3.1K Direct message

Michael Vass‏ @MVConsult

Replying to @SenGillibrand
Perhaps the highest teen pregnancy rate is more the root cause than employers or sexism? But that wouldn’t serve an agenda.

August 2017:

August 1, 2017 – Facebook commentary – What is a Right?

I keep hearing about brand new Rights by a horde of people that seem to neither have read the Constitution nor understand a Right.

A Right can be defined many ways but perhaps the best is something innate the absence of which detrimentally impacts the quality and quantity of life above and beyond the expectation of normal.

An example is Freedom of Speech. Humans communicate and improve by expressing thoughts feelings and dreams. A snapshot of any point in time shows that to the degree this is restricted, the quality and quantity of life is reduced. Communist Chine, Russia and Nazi Germany are classic examples. But there is also Iraq, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Bosnia, and too many more.

Notice the examples I cite are not of whiny desires for agreement lest a temper tantrum occur, but real death and suffering as a result. Protest with an Ipad and latte all you want, but don’t expect me to count it the same as being shot or mutilated for expressing a belief.

So what about the so-called Right to college? Sorry, hundreds of millions live productive and happy lives with out that. Even in America. For almost all recorded history.
Right to healthcare? One, it’s not a Right, if you can’t choose to not exercise it – that’s a mandate and not even close to the same. Two, you can live (well) without the near mandatory drugs of the current system. Proof of this is as simple as history. Humans have lived, long quality lives, for millenium, without modern healthcare codes and enforcement. Tens of millions lived well and productive lives before Obamacare, and 20 million continue to do so illegally now (more than the actual number of people that actually added healthcare to their lives by the way).

There is more. Like the right of Equity, or in other words a right to someone else stuff because you want it. Absolutely not a Right. It’s better described as greed.

But the point is that just because someone with an agenda calls something they want a Right doesn’t make it so. In fact, every time some new right is proposed I would suggest really thinking what this new demand does, and for whom, and who ultimately benefits. You may be surprised by what you find, but I would hazard that at the least it won’t be a Right.

Thank you for reading this far.

August 2, 2017 – Facebook commentary – Self-avowed communist on Affirmative Action

So the argument by self avowed communist Van Jones, and like minded radicals like Citizen Action, is that we need to keep Affirmative Action the same 40 yrs later because there is racism and prejudice?

Stop. Take out the Pavlovian emotional trigger response and think about that.

According to Van Jones it needs to stay the same because it is failing to fix the problem it was created to fix 40 yrs ago. And when your tires blow out you shouldn’t replace them either.

In my opinion, like the initial intent of unions, Affirmative Action has morphed from its original intent and is just as much of the problem as the issue it is meant to counter.

I don’t, in 2017, need a law to say I am equal. My actions prove that. At this point, Affirmative Action, ERA, and similar political hot buttons are merely a way of saying that select categories of people are too inferior and in need of Govt help to be self sufficient. I reject that wholesale.

This and other similar Govt action should be rethought, reworked, or removed. It is a means of control and political agenda management and abandoned it’s original temporary purpose some time ago.

Something else that was bugging me all day, Van Jones on CNN discussing national policy.

This is a self avowed Communist. His agenda, by definition, is to destroy the American Govt and the lifestyle we currently live. Anything that would corrupt, sow discord, or degrade the nation is his political cause. This is not the softcore porn version of Communism of a Sen. Bernie Sanders but the full boat.

Given this reality, why would ANY serious news media care about his views on any subject? He will defend anything that would break the nation and any position he would take should be opposed by anyone who likes the ability to have a latte, buy a cellphone, and eat a bacon cheese burger – individually or at the same time – without going bankrupt and/or being jailed/tortured by the Government.

It’s sad that most listening to this person, or groups like Citizen Action, don’t realize the consequences being promoted.

August 7, 2017 – No Soundbites Allowed podcast – Back at it, taking on Grammarly and Safe Spaces (or voluntary segregation)

Yes I have been quiet for a while. The first segment addresses what I’ve been doing, keeping me out of the direct public eye. From there we jump right in and discuss the horror that is Grammarly. Which takes us to colleges and the voluntary self-segregation that is Safe Spaces. Don’t be shy, its been a while so speak up and comment away.

August 7, 2017 – No Soundbites Allowed podcast – Economic stagnation and Illegal aliens vs. Trump economy thus far


Ever wonder why the Far Left always seems to be protesting something? Like improved housing for the poor. Or how they ignore laws and expect no consequence? Well since before the 2016 election the answer, in part, has been the doom that would surely and immediately happen once Pres. Trump was elected. But has anyone checked the numbers? I did – WARNING – there will be numbers discussed. Spoiler, if you are in the Far Left, the numbers don’t live up to the hype.

August 9, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – Cynthia Nixon rumored run for NY Governor vs Robert Ritchie for Senator

Guess entertainers in politics is only good when they are Democrats.

Michael Vass‏ @MVConsult

Notice hypocrisy? Comedian Al Franken wins Senator, ok. Sex in City actress run for Gov NY, ok. Singer Robert Ritchie runs, it’s Trump hell.
4:47 PM – 9 Aug 2017

August 13, 2017 – No Soundbites Allowed podcast – The discussion on Charlottesville no one will have

Charlottesville attack

A KKK rally. A murder incited by race. The key points the media is pushing, but there is more too this. There are bigger things to talk about in this. Join the discussion here, whether you agree or disagree with the points being made.

August 14, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – Race in America

Ever wonder what’s helping to screw up our nation? Consider this…

There is a massive demand to be from somewhere else. You know, a hyphen American. Italian-American, Chinese-American, African-American, ect. More and more ways to isolate and segregate the population.

Well I’m about as African as I am from Spain. In other words I’m just an American. Which is all I need and fine by me.

If you disagree, why do you need more than that?

August 14, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – Binghamton Planning Commission makes public debate inaccessible

City of Binghamton Planning Commission

Wow. Planning Commission just pushed the discussion and vote about 47 North St and Crandall St renovation to August 25th at NOON. How exactly is the public suppose to have comment at noon on a work day, in the Planning Dept. Ofc.

That sounds curious and less than transparent.

August 14, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – First Amendment

So as entertainers and pundits race to denounce the kkk, and point political fingers for their agendas, what we can’t lose sight of is the 1st Amendment.

As some people shout about how dare Nazi’s and White Supremacists speak, they lose sight of the fact that this is exactly how our Rights are supposed to work. Because if they are not allowed to speak, and we are allowed to speak in counter, one day it will be Black Live Matters turn. Or Christians/Jews/Gays/Women, or quite simply YOU.

We should and need to denounce the small minded racists of the kkk, but we must not fall into the trap of saying any American cannot speak. I’ve said it before and need to say again, the 1st Amendment protects the speech we don’t like, because one day it will be our speech being protected.

I don’t support the kkk, nor BLM (which I feel is the media approved version of the same race based bias on the opposite political spectrum). But I cannot advocate for either or any voice to be silenced. Prejudice and hate fester and grow in the dark. They always fail and wither, given time when in full public sight – even if popular among a minority of population for a time.

The violence that occurred in Charlottesville is only a symptom of the convulsions of death of that brand of racism facing the 1st Amendment. We need to embrace that power of the 1st Amendment and remove the other ugly viral racist based thought that tries to insert itself into the public mindset, no matter how much the current fad may enjoy it.

This is the power of the First Amendment and America. This makes our nation great and different that others in the world over time. Never forget that.

August 14, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – Mob mentality and race

Think about this:

A group of people, protesters until this act, got together and toppled a statue. That act made them vandals.

Some are cheering this action. Thus, it’s essentially a lynch mob. A small group usurping power to act in a manner they want, goaded by mob mentality.

Is this the lesson we want the youth watching to learn? That if a small group of people oppose an idea or historical fact, they can band together – without regard for law – and take action? Would it be right if the statue was of Martin Luther King, or Lincoln, or Kennedy? What’s the difference if it was defacing a synagogue or burning a church or a gay nightclub?

We shouldn’t be cheering the vandals, just because of anger with kkk. And we should be aware of the consequences. Because one day that anger and consequence may be turned on us.

August 14, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announces portions of infrastructure plan

Here is a question everyone should ask about the “new” infrastructure plan coming from an Assemblymember that has supported the Cuomo economics that has cost NY State billions in tax revenue and 100’s of thousands of residents to move.

Anthony Brindisi‏Verified account @ABrindisiNY Aug 16

This morning I’ll be unveiling Part 1 of my infrastructure plan exclusively in #Binghamton.

Michael Vass‏ @MVConsult

Replying to @ABrindisiNY
Is this another version of the Pelosi-Obama-Clinton shovel ready jobs, or an actual new idea that looks at reality of economy?

August 19, 2017 – No Soundbites Allowed podcast – My experience with Social Justice writer

Social Justice meme

I rarely hear from supporters of the social justice movement, but this is one example of a recent interaction. I believe it says a lot about the entire movement, and you may agree or not. But here it is. Let me know your thoughts.

August 14, 2017 – Facebook Commentary – Press & Sun fails public on Mayoral interview

Credit: WNBF

As I expect the staff of Mayoral candidate Tariq Abdelazim to deny the public, and delete from Facebook, my comments about the recent interview by Hanna Schwarz of the Press & Sun (a href=”http://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/2017/08/17/conversation/547004001/” target=”_blank”>http://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/2017/08/17/conversation/547004001/), I have copied verbatim what I stated and reposted it here.

Once again the bias of Hanna Schwartz of the Press & Sun has failed the public. This article fails to address any of the positions and statements Mr. Abelazim has made publicly over the years.

She fails to address his position on redistribution of wealth, his comments on his belief on corporate control of government, or expanding on his comments in the Press & Sun on yoga classes promoting business growth in Binghamton.

All issues of importance to voters in this Mayoral race. All questions I have asked Mr. Abdelazim to answer and yet to hear a response on.

Perhaps if the Press & Sun reporter had done research for her interview these questions would be answered, but as it stands they have not. But to help her prepare for the next, hopefully less biased, interview I offer the research already done – with links to the public comments – on Mr. Abdelazim, https://mvass.com/2017/07/02/who-is-binghamton-mayoral-candidate-tarik-abdelazim/


And there you have it. This is what has been happening up to date. While more frequent posts, interviews with candidates and politicians are on their way, and while several projects for the community at large get finished, this may tide you over. But please feel free to comment on anything you like or dislike. Your opinions, like your vote, matter.

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