What’s been happening? Where have you been? Second quarter 2017

This year has been a bit slow for us at M V Consulting, at least in the articles we have published directly at this political commentary blog. We have been busy on several Boards addressing local issues, seeking to improve the quality of life for residents of the City of Binghamton, Broome County, and the Southern Tier of New York. That is not to say that we haven’t been following news or making comment. We just have used more social media (Facebook and Twitter as examples) than articles here, but time to catch up some of the issues we have been following. Here are some of the thoughts and comments you may have missed us making:

April 2017:

April 16, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Murder posted on Facebook live

After more than a decade of youtube, snapchat, and other social media instant exposure of idiocy and fools behaving badly, the inevitable has happened. A suspect in Ohio posted a murder to social media. We are reaping what we sowed as a society. Rome had coliseums, we have social media, but the vortex is the same.

April 24, 2017, – Facebook commentary – College 529 plans

College 529 plan

Saw this ad on bus in Binghamton on 4/24/17. Anyone recall back in 2015 when these college savings plans were evil and needed to be taxed? A proposal to use the 529 plan to give some people “free college” using other people’s money. The same 529 plan that NYS is advertising as a way to pay for your child going to college.

The point is that if you only go by soundbites kids in NY would have less of a chance to go to college if the 2015 proposal went thru. Liberal tax and spend policies never work, and time proves it over and over. But you aren’t expected to remember.

Oh, my article in Jan 2015 on this whole thing can be found.

May 2017:

May 8, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Sanctuary Cities

So to those that support sanctuary cities defending illegal aliens with taxpayer dollars (or at all) I have a question… exactly what laws are valid and enforceable?

I mean if the active and purposeful violation of federal law, coupled with the active and continuous evasion of prosecution as a fugitive does not warrant penalty – and sanctuary city supporters hope to reward such actions – then what law is valid?

Put another way, if sanctuary cities and supporters were protecting self-admitted murderers and rapists from jail and punishment by law, would anyone support that? How are illegal aliens, key word illegal, any different?

May 8, 2017, – Facebook commentary – FBI Director Comey fired

So 9 months ago Dems wanted Comey fired, blaming him for Hillary Clinton loss. Today Comey is fired, and Dems are praising him and complaining about him being fired because of the controversy they were outspoken about.

Do Dems expect the public to not remember? Or are they counting on their fanatical wings, like Citizen Action, to make enough noise hating this Administration to obfuscate fact?

May 17, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Russia in US politics

I have a question – shouldn’t the same people desperately looking for a connection between Russia and Trump in elections be already insanely outraged by the proven fact that the DNC actively and purposefully rigged the Democrat Presidential Primary?

If not, please tell me why not?

May 17, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Adopt-A-Park coming event, Movies in the Parks

Otsingo Park public event

Why am I up at 8:30AM in Otsiningo Park, working on a Saturday? Because Broome County Parks, BC Adopt-A-Park, and our sponsors will be donating to WISHES and funding playgrounds in all parks in the County. Get in touch for more details.

May 27, 2017, – Facebook commentary – County Executive Jason Garnar at marathon, upcoming event

County Executive Jason Garnar event

Ran into County Executive Jason Garnar after he finished his run. Don’t know his time, but better than I could do without question. Bonus, I expect him among other elected politicians at the Movies in the Park in June.

May 27, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Movies in the Parks event announced

For those that missed the announcement of the MetroPCS presents Movies in the Park events on WNBF during the BinghamtonNow show with Bob Joseph @ 9:30 today, here is a copy. Spread the word.
If you want to be a sponsor, contact: Matt Gawors at Broome County Parks; Councilwoman Dani Cronce; Michael Vasquez

WNBF live announcement of Movies in the Parks

June 2017:

June 14 & 15, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Reaction to Rep. Scalise and Republican members of Congress being shot

Wow, when I was told that GOP members of Congress were getting death threats since President Trump was elected, I thought that was bad. But to see Rep. Scalise was shot at baseball game is terrifying. No wonder Rep. Tenney has been told not to have town halls – especially with the fanatics of Citizen Action in this district.

In case you missed NY-22 Congresswoman Tenney discussing the radical left threats in the wake of the political based assassination attempt in DC on 6/14/17

Where is the call to end hate rhetoric and embrace freedom of though and speech, from the sources (Citizen Action and other splinter Dems) inciting the radical violence and enflamed emotions?

June 15, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Discussion on placeholder petitions for Binghamton Mayoral race 2017

Here is a critical part of a day long Facebook conversation [for even more clarity – the day long conversation, in full, can be found on my Facebook page –
this is an excerpt of that] between the former Broome County Democrat Chair and myself. Really think about what was said…

James Testani The signature requirement is not that high. A candidate with three good friends could qualify over a weekend… [at the request of Jim, who felt he was taken out of context, here are the additional 2 sentences in his comment that I quoted, that remains listed, unedited, and public on facebook, you can decide if the context changes with their addition – “The local GOP has created a false issue to try to force an unopposed election. When have Democrats ever listened to the Democratic Party?”]

Michael Vasquez Your right, the burden is not that high and yet no one has come forward for Dems. I don’t think everyone in your Party lacks good friends, and there are plenty of weekends, so why the blind candidate placement?..

June 21, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Senate discusses end to Obamacare penalties

I find it interesting that Dems, according to Washington Post today, are fighting the Senate healthcare bill – that doesn’t exist yet. It’s still being discussed and written and Dems are readying support against it, sight unseen, thus even trying to kill a potential boon to the public.

I recall Republicans being called the party of no for opposing the Obama Stimulus – cost $815 billion and failed every objective it was touted to solve; Cash for Clunkers – that actually wound up costing money and hurting the economy rather than benefit it; and of course Obamacare – that has collapsed in a dozen States and increased the cost while ensuring millions list their doctor.

Point is, Dems can’t even be called a party of no. They are fighting even the very idea of improving the nation because of a partisan bias. There is no substance to the objection, just politics. I don’t even know what to call that, but I can’t understand how rank and file Dems can support this. Then again, the GA race suggests they dont. We can only hope…

So this is what Dems are lining up to oppose – lower taxes and more subsidies for the poor. Strange how what they say in ads doesnt match what they do in politics.

June 21, 2017, – Facebook commentary – Discussing the announcement of Anthony Brindisi as a NY-22 candidate

For those wondering who is Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi I offer the following letter, sent June 16, 2015, that has yet to be answered by Assemblyman Brindisi or his staff.

There was an update as of April 9, 2016: The amount of taxpayer dollars spent on the Drone Testing Site increased to over $256 million. At the same time 6 full time jobs had been created and the promise of 5 additional jobs – from Canada – over 10 years was made – for a grand total of 11 jobs over 10 years.

To put this into perspective, the Obama Stimulus cost taxpayers a minimum of $185,000 per job created. The Drone Testing Site, as of 2016, cost taxpayers $23,273,000 per job. You can decide for yourself if you feel that is how your taxes should be used as apparently Assemblyman Brindisi does.

Without further ado, here is the letter that Assemblyman Brindisi has declined to answer for 2 years and counting: https://mvass.com/2016/04/12/the-quarter-billion-dollar-drones-of-new-york/

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